Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Big Boy Meets The Little Boy

I just realized I never updated yall on Jacob’s visit!

We had a great time. Whenever Jake comes into town I pull out all the stops to try and impress him - I always want to leave him wanting more so he’ll come back and visit again soon! Basically, his trips here always consist of me forcing him to eat gourmet meals and dragging him to the mall to buy more stylish clothes. (Sometimes I have no idea how he puts up with me.)

Some highlights...

A DOF with Anna’s sister Sus! We had lunch at Pizzeria Mozza (Jacob loves pizza) and then went shopping. Jacob needed a new pair of jeans, and WONDER UPON WONDERS, Susan is the Men’s Denim Sales Manager at Bloomingdales on 59th and Lex, so she got him all set up!

A return trip to The Bazaar. On his last visit, Jacob proclaimed The Bazaar’s Philly Cheesesteak to be the best thing he had ever eaten in his life, so of course we had to go back. This time, my mom came with - it was her first time and she liked it too!

Um... no big deal... we just sat next to THE CHEF HIMSELF Jose Andres. To say I was dying into my plate of squid would be the understatement of the year.

And of course, the bris - the main reason for Jake’s visit! (By the way... the baby’s name is Eytan Yariv. How gorgeous is that?!) He was so, so good during the whole thing. Barely cried. I was freaking out the whole time and couldn’t look, but he did fine!

Look at this gorgeous mama and her baby!

The photo Jacob’s mom Laurie told me I HAD to capture - him holding the baby! SO PRECIOUS!

A happy little group :)

All in all, a great few days with my bestie. I miss him already, but I’ll be seeing him soon - on a special adventure that I’ll be revealing in the next few weeks. Get excited!

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Hell yea nice moves Jake (Jsams)