Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cherry Bomb

Yesterday I woke up and promptly blew $200 on a pair of completely unnecessary, sky high electric coral wedge heels. What? It was a Monday and I needed retail therapy. This is a safe space, remember? No judging.

Anywho, now that those shoes are mine, I am obsessed with them. It’s the color - besides HOT PINK, I can’t think of a brighter, more vibrant, sexy, LOOK AT ME shade... would you call it red? Or orange? Orangey-red? Coral? Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous and I need more of it in my life (and wardrobe).

I think I need a red bag to match... maybe this Tory Burch shoulder bag or this Marc Jacobs clutch? Both super sassy and in that gorgeous bright leather - who could resist?

Speaking of things I cannot resist... I think I need this Kate Spade ring. It’s flowery and frilly and fun and would look adorable with almost anything when the weather finally warms up!

Now, I am not a fashion nightmare and I follow all the fashion rules... meaning I know I could never wear one of these dresses with my new red shoes or my future red purse. BUT I’m swooning over them nonetheless - look at those cute little hearts embroidered on the Topshop dress! And I love the pattern on the Tory Burch one!

You could easily wear one of those dresses to work with a little cardigan thrown over it, but if you’re looking for something slightly more work appropriate, why not this silk Equipment blouse? The button-down style is just right for the office, and I’m telling you, this color goes with anything - black slacks, white slacks, jeans, you name it. I would wear it with a grey pencil skirt and some yellow heels :)

As I write this, I am worried that the color pink is going to think I am cheating on it. NEVER. I will never leave my beloved pink. But a little flashy red is fun, isn’t it?

I can’t wait for my new shoes to arrive!!!


1azerus said...

literally almost bought those shoes last weekend. love them!

miss mal said...

the color is "persimmon" and it's fantastic

Grace said...

oh em gee - these are amazing! thanks for sharing, WANT! That tassel makes me incredibly happy.

Marta said...

Those shoes are TO DIE FOR!!! I love them, and I can totally picture you in them! And that ring... amazeeee.