Monday, March 7, 2011

A Floff Getaway

Tra la la la HELLO. Did you miss me? I missed you too. I went out of town and didn’t tell you since I didn’t post on Friday. I meant to, but then I got all caught up in a manicure and laundry and packing and then I met Julie’s fam at Spago since they were in town and by the time I got home it was nearly 11pm and I didn’t even had time to watch Parks & Rec, let alone blog, so I do apologize (STACY).

Quit blabbing and tell us where you went? Okay. I went to San Francisco to visit my Floff!

And it was quite literally rainbows and sparkles and happiness. I’ve told you all about Floff, haven’t I? She was my very first friend in AEPhi freshman year (AKA one million years ago). We bonded over our mutual love of wearing Juicy Couture head to toe and drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade (WHAT!? It was 2003!) Oh, and her name really isn’t Floff. It’s Dana. But no one in FPC 03 has ever called her that since I invented the nickname (also back in 2003. That was a good year).

Anywho, Floff’s fam is from Northern California and she just moved to her big girl apartment in San Francisco a few months ago, so I decided it was high time I headed up north to see her!

Another thing you should know about Floff - she takes shopping and eating and lounging almost as seriously as I do. Therefore, it was unsurprising to me when I got off the plane Friday night and she presented me with a comprehensive list of where we would be going, what we would be buying, and where we would be eating in the next 48 hours. It was very impressive.

Some highlights...

Friday night I got in late, so we had a lovely dinner at Garibaldi’s down the street from Floff’s apartment and enjoyed some delicious food and drinks. Then Saturday, we met up with Floff’s mom Linda and older sister Nicole, who I love like they are my own family...

So cute! The four of us went in search of the new Jewish deli that opened up in the Mission District, then walked around and enjoyed the sunshine, the hipsters, some baked goods from Tartine, and a visit to Bi-Rite market. True to form, Floff was busy pointing out the olive bar and ogling the muffins behind the pastry counter, but I was FAR more interested in the sausage counter. I do love me some tubular meats. In the end I walked out with a tiny jar of truffle salt and was very happy, but I may need to stop in and buy myself some sausages on the next visit!

I also got to see Sammy! Mere minutes after we arrived back from staffing our June/July Birthright trip together, my beloved Samuel shattered my dreams of frequent brunching and boozing and announced he was moving to San Francisco. I was crushed. But luckily we stay in touch with irritating BBMs and frequent Gchats, and he came and met me and Floff for a cup of coffee on Union Street. Isn’t he a precious gift?

Saturday night we headed out to Wayfare Tavern for dinner. It’s Tyler Florence’s new place, and Nicole INSISTED we try it - she made our reservation for us and got us two seats at the Chef’s Counter, right in front of the open kitchen so we could see all the food being prepared. YALL - IT. WAS. AWESOME. We split bacon-wrapped dates and buratta toast and a baked mac-and-cheese (Floff’s fave) and the most RIDICULOUS FRIED CHICKEN I have ever tasted in my life. I am seriously dreaming about that chicken. (Our creepy cab driver is actually the one who told us to get it- he told us it was so good it would make us orgasm. Uh... yeah.)

And then Sunday we woke up and met my BELOVED CHECH for brunch! Every single day I curse Miss Jessie Sunday for leaving LA - I miss her too much. But she loves SF and her new job up there - and how’s this for crazy? She and Floff LITERALLY live across the street from each other! Weird small world. Anyway, I threw a tantrum and insisted we go to Ella’s, my absolute favorite brunch spot, and after an HOUR’S WAIT (another small tantrum was thrown) we ate a delicious meal and finished the day with a “relaxing stroll” (their words, not mine - I would have called that a HIKE) up to another cute area of town where we shopped for a little bit before I had to head to the airport :(

These two are sad because I'm leaving them!

What did I tell you? Shopping and eating and cuddling. It’s what we do best :) Can’t wait for my next Floff reunion!


nicole said...

this is such a special post! you are such a talented writer!! We love FLOFF visits, you are very special to the Floff family and we love you so!!!


Jessie Sunday said...

Finally I made the BLOG!! My life is complete. I still think you should have included the pic of me cuddling your face. I know its awk, but what about our relationship isnt? Miss you already Monkel.

Dana said...

AWWWWW Floff love you and our sparkly weekend together!!! Post more of the AMAZING pics of us on your blog now. They are too adorable to pass up.

xoxoxo said...

Your blog is fabulous! Seriously, LOVE.

Lexi @