Friday, March 11, 2011

Scarf It Down

I apologize if you're reading this from some far off frozen tundra, but spring has come to Los Angeles and I couldn't be happier :) The sun is shining, it's warm outside, and yesterday I drove home from work with my sunroof open. I love it!

I'm in the process of slowly switching my winter wardrobe to the back of my closet and bringing out my tanks and skirts and sundresses. Don't get me wrong - I wear bright colors year round - but it's nice to roll out of bed and throw on a cotton dress and some cute sandals rather than go through the whole production of putting on tights, boots, a sweater, a coat, etc.

The one thing about my outfit that never changes? A scarf! Granted, I live in LA, so my scarves are not exactly thick and woolen and heavy. They're more for show than to actually keep my neck warm - I think they can absolutely make or break an outfit!

I find myself drawn to scarves made out of a light, breathable material with a great pattern (I know, surprise, surprise). I have quite the collection hanging in my closet (on this awesome scarf hanger!) and on my big mannequin in my room, and whenever I feel like my outfit is just a tad too simple, I grab one and throw it on!

Here are some of my favorites out in stores:

I can't get enough of these gorgeous bright colors and sassy animal print and fun patterns - these scarves would look gorgeous with any outfit, in any weather!

Hope you all enjoy your weekends :) throw on a cute scarf and think of me!


Anna said...

You have a mannequin in your room? Really? Since when??

Alyson said...

Mmm, I could eat these up I love them so much! Haha. My hubs HATES light-weight scarves like this; things it's ridic to wear them with a tee or when it's warmer out but I LOVE it. Absolutely adore these.