Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Slightly Trashy Pink. Oh Well.

HELP. I am suffering from yet another case of “Is This Item Horrific or Socially Acceptable to Wear Out In Public” syndrome. ITIHOSATWOIP, if you will.

BEHOLD these hot pink leopard print nail wraps!

Let’s back up. I do have strong opinions on pink leopard – I think it can go from super cute to super trashy REAL FAST. There have been quite a few times when my mother has called me from the car on her way home from the mall, excitedly shouting “Wait til you see what I bought you!” Whereupon she has arrived home with some ghastly Betsey Johnson number, covered in hot pink leopard trim. For some odd reason, this type of thing kept happening, until I just told her to stay far, FAR away from hot pink leopard. And things have gone okay since :)

But THOUGH these items are indeed, a little trash-ola, I am drawn to them. I think that my nails would just look so super cute covered in this print!

I can only imagine the looks some of you are giving to your computer screens right at this very moment – jaws dropped in horror, eyes narrowed in disgust. No worries. My nails are right this very minute painted in a normal (albeit bright) shade of lavender-y pink (Essie’s Splash of Grenadine, if you must know).

This requires some deeper thought. I will call my sister, Fashion Maven of Life and Classy Owner of All Things Helmut Lang, before purchasing. Except I have a feeling I know what she’s going to say…


Sophie Pyle said...

Jordan, whenever I suffer from ITIHOSATWOIP I think: what sort of a theme party can I throw that will allow me to wear this without being judged?

I think it's time for you to throw some sort of animal party, and you can be the pink leopard (and wear that new shirt you just bought).

Sophie said...

Jordan- I just wanted you to know that once when I was in high school I came home to find that my mom had thrown away any nail polish color I owned that was not pink or red.... though I love these... if it were up to Laurie they would probably be somewhere with my gold and mermaid colored nail polish... said...

I vote yes.

Lexi @