Friday, April 1, 2011

Skirting the Issue

It hit 85 degrees in LA today on the last day of March. Seems like we completely skipped spring and went straight to summer.

I for one loved it. You all know how much I love cold weather, but even I couldn’t resist admitting how amazing it felt to have the sun on my face. I wore a cardigan to work and you better believe I took it off and walked around in my tank top. My boss and I went to lunch and sat outside and it was GLORIOUS.

Anyway, I obviously started thinking about what updates I was going to have to make to my wardrobe immediately. I’m putting away the leather boots and heavy sweaters and reaching for things that are light and bright and airy.

Like this skirt:

Jesus Christ yall, I am OBSESSED. I needed to kill time before meeting a friend for dinner so I headed to the Grove to hit up Anthropologie. I walked in, took one look at this hot pink number, and practically yelled “I’ll take it!” before even trying it on. (Pay no mind to the fact that it is easily six inches too long on me. I took it home anyway and plan on wearing it this weekend. I’m totally going to trip.)

I was sort of resisting the maxi skirt trend this time around, because I remember the last time it was in style and that makes me feel old (For the record, that would be 2005. Summer before junior year, to be exact. I was stuck in Tucson for presession in 111 degree heat and I could barely stand to wear shoes, let alone real clothes. I survived by only wearing maxi skirts... and an $800 air conditioning bill.)

But the new maxi skirts are different. Sleeker, tighter, not so voluminous. They’re cut better, which makes them more flattering.

If I hadn’t bought the pink one above, you KNOW this dalmation situation would have been coming home with me. Um, it still might - I love me some Tucker and this looks SO comfortable and sassy!

For something similar to mine for a little bit cheaper, what about this black chiffon from Urban Outfitters?

I’m also loving this option by Splendid, sold at Nordstrom. I love the foldover waistband!

I personally don’t LOVE a patterned maxi skirt - it’s already a lot of look, and adding color or patterns just adds to it (me want something plain?! I know you’re shocked.) That being said, I’m still seeing a lot of them out there.

For something striped, this green one is so fun and sporty:

And you know I cannot resist anything hot pink and flowered:

Want to try the look out for cheap? This Forever 21 option is less than $20 and comes in burgundy or grey. Looks super comfy!

With a couple more of these in my closet, I’ll be set for the weather no matter what. Can’t wait to wear my new pink one with a black tank, some leopard sandals, and a denim jacket one of these days.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I’ve got lots of fun stuff planned myself! :)

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