Thursday, May 5, 2011

Aching for Anthro

OF COURSE the day I implement NO SHOPPING MAY is the same day that my Anthropologie catalogue arrives in the mail to tempt me. OF COURSE.

I have never been one to have a favorite place to shop. I do not discriminate - my love for shopping knows no bounds and I am as happy buying something in TJ Maxx as I am in Neimans (okay that sentence is a complete fucking lie but still, I can find something anywhere).

Anyway - I never thought I had a favorite store. Until recently. Every time I walk into Anthropologie, I fall in love with literally half the things in there - half my wardrobe these days comes from Anthro!

The May catalogue was CHOCK FULL of gorgeous, brightly colored dresses and skirts and tops that scream SUMMER and I am in love with every single one of them. So instead of running into Anthro to buy them... I am just posting them here. Enjoy the eye candy :)

NO SHOPPING MAY has been going on for about thirty five seconds and I already hate my life because of it. I WANT TO OWN THESE THINGS. I am staying FAR, FAR AWAY from all Anthropologies - lord knows if any store would make me break my vow, it’s Anthro. But you better believe that come June 1st, I’ll be in Anthro faster than you can say “Time to go shopping!” And maybe in a month, some of these beauties will be on sale!


Marta said...

Be STRONG, sister friend! Although the contrasting halves dress is totally making me weak too...

Once my computer is fixed, I am going to blog about this, but I am trying not to shop til I'm closer to my wedding goal weight, so I will join you in No Shopping May. I have a list of things that it's OK to buy before then (which is really just white jeans and Missoni flats and a Maxi skirt... wow I'm really bad at this).

But after the past couple of weeks, I really should go on a shopping hiatus for a while!!!

More power to you. BTW - no shame in this Dolce Vita sandals. Those things are fierce!


Preppy Girl Meets World said...


1azerus said...

i just want you to know that this post led to my purchasing new anthro bedding. do i have money? no. did i already have bedding? yes. did i visit anthro's website prior to seeing all these cute things in this post? no. FAIL.