Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reunited with Vegas

Oh my gosh, yall. I cannot believe it’s been almost a week since my last post! I am so, so sorry – but it’s not my fault. Blogger went down last week for nearly two whole days and I, along with a jillion other bloggers, were SOL.

ANYWAY. Onward! Hope you all had lovely weekends. I myself had quite a nice one – I spent it in Vegas with my mom!

We all know how much I love the Vegas – I think I’ve well documented it on the blog (including trip recaps and my own personal Vegas According to Jordan Silverman List). Last year I made it out there SEVEN times (impressive yet slightly scary), so I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the calendar and realized I hadn’t been there all year! I called my madre and we remedied that situation immediately.

I cannot tell a lie, my mom is my favorite person to go to Vegas with. We like all the same things – the same malls, the same stores, the same restaurants, the same hotels, the same slot machines – so going with her is like the perfect vacation. We stayed at Palazzo and while she gambled her little heart out, I schmoozed around, laid by the pool, had a massage, took a few naps.

We also ate at our favorite place, Craftsteak, and a few new places too – my friend Amir recommended a Batali restaurant I hadn’t tried, B&B, which was phenomenal, and some other pals had raved about Holsteins, which is inside the new Cosmopolitan Hotel, so we tried that as well – great, inventive burgers and fries. I loved it!

Pink cow at Holsteins – obv I took a pic:

Pink high heel sculpture in the Cosmopolitan – once again, obv I took a pic!

Now you may be asking, Jordan, how did you survive NO SHOPPING MAY while in Las Vegas, mere feet away from some of your favorite fancy boutiques and stores? WELL. LET ME TELL YOU. It was not easy. I held tight to my wallet and closed my eyes when we walked past Chanel and Fendi :) You will be proud to know that despite THREE HOURS in Fashion Show Mall with my mom and an HOUR AND A HALF BY MYSELF in the Caesars Forum Shops, I bought NOTHING! Mommy bought me underwear and a lip balm, but I – and many of my brilliant Twitter pals (thanks MRM!) - maintain those were gifts and do not count against the ban.

Here I am pretending to be a butterfly. Dead sober, I might add. Also, I just realized this picture is extra special because my shirt is actually PRINTED with butterflies. FATE!

In other exciting news, I won $300! That money, which previously would have been spent in about fourteen seconds in Anthropologie or Bloomingdales, is going straight to my checking account, where it will wait patiently until June 1st when I head straight to Apple and buy myself an iPad! Two more weeks to go… I can’t wait!

Anywho, it was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back again sometime this summer! Thanks for being such a fun travel companion, Mama. I love you!


Jennifer said...

Although I'm sure you weren't allowed, I'm surprised you didn't get IN the shoe sculpture for that pic lol

bailey said...

Are you wearing Jean capris in the high heel pic .....