Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seeking Treats

It’s times like this that I wish I knew how to bake. Because if I did, I would bake something, something good like cookies or cupcakes or donuts, and then throw a party, and give my treats out to everyone as little gifts.

And of course, my treats would be wrapped up in THESE adorable little bags!

I am swooning. IN LOVE! I die over anything chevron-print and it goes without saying that since these are pink, I must immediately make them mine. Anyone want to teach this girl how to bake something? Anyone?

Instead of NOT baking anything, I will instead link to my friends at Cookie Casa so you can ogle THEIR baked goods. Shout out to my pal Abby, who works for CC, and is delightful and once provided me with free crack (remember that, longtime readers?). No, not that kind of crack. The better kind.

When NO SHOPPING MAY is over I am going to buy myself some crack and some of those cute pink bags and have myself a fucking party of my own :)

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