Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Boy Fashion

We talk a lot about fashion on this blog. Fashion for ladies, that is. But you know what kind of fashion we DON’T talk about?


Boy fashion is a tricky thing. I personally don’t like it when men look too metro or “done up” – if you spend more time getting ready for a date than I would, we’re gonna have a problem. I don’t like it when boys wear jewelry. T-shirts with words on them? Hell no. And don’t even get me started on shoes – it literally can make or break our relationship.

My sweet boyfriend looks adorable in anything he wears, but a few weeks ago when he mentioned that he needed some clothes for summer, I seized the opportunity. “LET’S GO SHOPPING!” I screamed. Pretty sure I stunned (and probably frightened) him with my enthusiasm, but he agreed nonetheless.

So last week, on a Wednesday when both of us had the day off from work and the mall was fairly empty (and therefore not so intimidating), we ventured out for some shopping.

In thinking about it, I’m beginning to realize that I seem to like boys who have (big shocker here) Southern style. My guy friends who are Southern wear things like seersucker shorts, polo shirts, linen suits, and boat shoes, and though it’s nothing like anyone from LA wears, I think it’s super hot. Which might be why, in almost every store, I gravitated towards button-down shirts in classic colors (including pastels) and patterns. No crazy swirls or paisley prints needed – just plain old pinstripes and some nice plaid. We got him this shirt in a gorgeous pale blue from Gap and he looks SO cute!

That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the unique look of LA style. While I’m pretty sure that boys in every single city wear Converse sneakers, I know for a fact that every single one of my guy friends here owns a pair and loves them to death. So when Rami told me he needed new sneakers, I knew just the thing :) We got him a pair of classic black-and-white Chuck Taylors and now everybody’s happy: me because he looks so cute, and him because his feet are comfy!

We also picked up a few pairs of shorts (which I have no strong opinions on) and some socks (I taught him what “peds” are and now he knows he doesn’t always have to show his socks if he’s wearing shorts). Next up? I think we’re gonna get him some sunglasses. He also wants a peacoat, but considering we live in Los Angeles and it is summer, we’re gonna wait a little while to pick that up :)

Speaking of peacoats… I will leave you with this link to Mindy Kaling’s new book. It’s not coming out til the fall, but she recently released an excerpt and I basically died laughing over the whole thing, especially her chapter “Guys Need to Do Almost Nothing to Be Great,” which is all about what she thinks boys look hot wearing (namely, peacoats!). This is actually what sparked the conversation between R and me that led to us going shopping so THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU Mindy Kaling. I will leave you with her wise words of wisdom:

“Being a guy is so easy. A little Kiehl’s, a little Bumble and Bumble, a peacoat, a pair of Chuck Taylors, and you’re hot.”


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