Monday, June 13, 2011

Where Has The Queen Been?


I suck.

How could I neglect the blog for a WHOLE week!? What was I thinking? More importantly, what was I so busy DOING?

Uh. Well. A few things.

First of all, the weirdest thing ever happened to me last week. On Thursday night right before bed, my right eye started hurting. I figured I was just tired and it would be fine in the morning. NOT. I woke up Friday morning with my eye SWOLLEN SHUT. In the middle of the night I had mysteriously gotten a complete black eye and could not open it, let alone see out of it. The weirdest part was, it didn’t hurt - just felt uncomfortable and swollen.

I saw two doctors - one idiot from Urgent Care (whose contribution was “well, it’s not pink eye” - thank you sir) and a family friend who is brilliant and after looking at me for about three seconds determined that I had an allergic reaction to something - we don’t know what - and was going to be fine in a matter of days. Whew.

Now, I DO have a photo of the situation and though I am not putting it up on this here blog, if you are absolutely dying to see the picture of me looking lost and forlorn with messy hair, no makeup, and only one eye, by all means email me and I will see to it that you get it :) and in case you’re wondering... I’m fine now!

The other thing that contributed to the non-bloggage was the lovely gift of having two days off from work in the middle of the week! Wednesday and Thursday were the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, and though I don’t personally celebrate it in any special way, one of the perks of working for a Jewish organization is that everybody gets those days off. It’s also nice to have friends who work for Jewish organizations who also have those days off :) I spent those two days hanging out with Rami, seeing movies (Midnight in Paris and Submarine), shopping, catching up on sleep, and celebrating Erez’s birthday with a BBQ with some of the pals. I personally am a firm believer that every single week should have a two-day break in the middle of it - really makes the week fly!

Anywho I do hope that you will forgive me for my absence because we have far more important things to talk about this week. What you can look forward to in the coming days:

  • A fabulous shopping trip (and some of my thoughts on male fashion)
  • An extra special exciting Pink Wednesday post
  • My thoughts on Summer TV
  • And some other fun stuff :)

I know, you’re breathless with anticipation!


Celia Soudry said...

hahha, you are amazing! i wanna see the pic!!!! :D
- celia

Diana M. said...

That eye thing happens to Aaron every once in a while. Thankfully, the first time it happened, we were at a friend's Dad's house who happens to be an eye doctor!

If you feel that happening again, take a few Benadryl. That seems to do the trick for Aaron.