Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bravo, J.Crew!

Every blogger worth her salt has been oohing and aahing over the brand new J.Crew fall collection ever since it was released last week. I’ve been resisting looking at the website - I know how I get with little supervision and a credit card within reach - but over the weekend my J.Crew catalogue arrived in the mail and I couldn’t help but flip through it.

Cue drool. WELL DONE, J.Crew! I love everything. Gorgeous colors, gorgeous fabrics - I want it all! Here are some of my favorites...

Like I need another blouse... but if I did, I’d go for the beautiful silk Lucinda Blouse in a heartbeat! It also comes in yellow, brown, white, and the palest blue ($98)

Look how pretty and flowy this Jardin skirt is. I love the purple, but it also comes in a peachy beige that I have my eye on. ($88)

These Lula glitter ballet flats are DEFINITELY coming home to live in my closet :) I love the two-tone glitter! This gold/silver combo is called metallic pecan, but there is also a black/silver combination called metallic silver that I think is pretty as well. ($135)

I can’t stop admiring this scarf - it’s a silk/cashmere blend and comes in a wide array of colors - black, white, pale blue, peach, hot pink, and bright red. This would be a perfect gift for anyone! ($75)

A simple, classy shape in a simple, classy pattern. Even if you’re not a leopard fan, you can’t deny that this basic sweater would elevate almost any outfit! I also think the price is very reasonable. ($88)

Every season J.Crew makes a dress that I snap up and end up wearing everywhere - to work with tights and boots and a sweater, on weekends with leggings and flats. This Dearie dress looks crazy comfortable - I can’t wait to go try it on. I like the green best, but it also comes in heather grey and black. ($88)

These pants wouldn’t look good at me at all but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire them! They are absolutely adorable and I can’t believe how many pretty colors they come in - I am loving the yellow, the blue, and the pink, of course! ($118)

Saved the best for last - I am freaking out over this shoe! Such a unique shape and I love the violet color! This one is satin, but it also comes in suede and leather - must get for fall! ($295)

So? What do you think? Did you drool like I did? I can’t wait to start shopping.

And please note, any or all of these items can easily be added to the birthday wish list as well! :)

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Grace said...

NEED those sparkly flats! but i'm taking a page out of your book and not shopping til my bday (9/27,) so i'm afraid it will have to wait!