Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I've Got A Mission and a Target for Missoni: Target

So. Four weeks from today Target will release their special collaboration with Missoni and my head is going to explode.

I LOVE MISSONI. If you have read this blog for even 20 seconds you know I am all about prints and color, the brighter the better, and that is what Missoni is all about. I have a pair of Missoni flats that I love so intensely I can hardly bring myself to wear for fear of ruining them.

That is why I am so fucking excited for the Missoni for Target launch. Gorgeous, original, AFFORDABLE Missoni pieces? And not just clothing – shoes, bags, home d├ęcor, menswear, kitchenware, EVERYTHING! My heart is palpitating at the thought of it all!

I’ve had shopping goals/shopping lust before, but never like this. When the Missoni for Target line comes out, I will destroy anyone and everyone who gets in my way. Literally I will have no problem knocking frail or elderly people over in my haste to get my hands on some of this stuff.

I am posting what I want here – not so you can see it and be like “OMG I NEED THAT TOO!” – but so you know what to stay the hell away from online and/or in Los Angeles-area Target stores. Because if you get it and I do not, there will be a problem :)

The following items WILL be mine. Like these mugs: I don’t even DRINK COFFEE but I want these mugs just to pretty up my countertop in the kitchen!

OH HELLO AMAZING ROBE. You will be made into a jacket and you will be worn with jeans and a black tank and black suede wedges EVERYWHERE.

I LOVE ORGANIZING THINGS!!! And what could be better than organizing things with MISSONI bins?!

I have a glass shower door but that will not stop me from getting this black/white chevron shower curtain, just in case. And don’t think I won’t be snapping up the matching towels, too!

There is no way on earth that middle tray will not be mine.

May need to purchase every single one of these little makeup/toiletry bags.

Missoni office supplies. I can die happy.

You can click here to see the rest of the items in the Missoni for Target lookbook. Make sure to have a towel handy to wipe up all the drool :) SEPTEMBER 13TH CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!


katmcd said...

Dude, those towels are coming home with me too. Also, I live within 5 miles of 3 targets. I can look for items you cant find in LA and send them.

fifi said...

I cannot wait!!!

fifi said...
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1azerus said...

group trip to target on that day? love love love.