Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Bracha Birthday!

Today is a MOST special day. Why, you ask? Today is my dear friend Stacy’s birthday!

I KNOW STACE! I can’t believe it either!

Anyway, in honor of Stacy’s birthday, and because she is such a loyal and devoted blog reader and Queen of LA fan, I have decided to gift her with something special - her very own blog post! (Also because she has pestered me every day for the past two months in hopes that she’ll get a mention or shout-out like she did last year on this very day.)

So! Without further ado... an acrostic poem for Stacy! However, for artistic purposes, we will use her nickname - BRACHA. Hope yall enjoy!

B is for her bitchin’ Southern accent...

R is for how ridiculously funny she is on Gchat everyday...

A is for all the Southern things she’s taught me - sweet tea and mint juleps included!

C is for how cute her face is and how shiny her nice black hair is...

H is for the happy dances she does all over the place...

A is for our spectacular acapella group, The Rockingbirds, of which Stacy is a founding member and a true talent :)

So there you have it! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACE, I LOVE YOU! Hope you are celebrating with a lot of cake and drinks!

(Speaking of birthdays, don’t worry - I have a FULL birthday recap coming for you soon! We got back from Las Vegas last night and I didn’t have time to upload all my pics... but they’re coming, don’t you worry!) :)

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