Friday, September 9, 2011

Greene Bean And The Queen: A Year Of Fun

GREENE BEAN’S BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW! Since Gerrick arrives tonight to kick off an entire weekend full of birthday celebrations and we will undoubtedly be busy causing a ruckus, I am posting a tribute to my bestie a day early.

Without further ado, please enjoy a retrospective of some of our fun antics throughout the past 12 months :)

October 2010

Time for a Hollywood Bowl experience… we go with Ashley to see Carrie Underwood!

November 2010

Per our annual tradition, we go see Kathy Griffin’s live comedy show… and get to go backstage and meet the diva herself!

December 2010

During a big Arizona reunion in Colorado for New Year’s Eve, poor Greene Bean falls down the mountain while skiing for her first time ever… cue the crutches :( (we still had fun!)

February 2011

After 9 long months of pestering Anna, Eytan is finally here! We cry buckets when he’s born and fight over who gets to hold him :)

June 2011

Our first Dodger game of the year! (Dodger Dogs obviously included.)

July 2011

After three years of living in LA, GB FINALLY throws a housewarming party :)

August 2011

With my best co-hostess at my side, we throw another fabulous Shabbat dinner party!

Happy 27th, Greene Bean! I love your blonde head a million jillion skillion! XOXOXO