Monday, September 26, 2011

Me Me Meme

Greetings from the East Coast! I will not tell a lie, I scheduled this post ahead of time, but that's because at this very moment instead of sitting in front of a computer I am sure I'm doing something like trying to convince R to let us take a cab instead of the subway or eating a piece of real New York pizza the size of my head. You know. Important things.

Anywho! I am sure by now yall are bored to TEARS any time I do a meme but I can’t help myself – I totally love them. (Read other ones I’ve done here and here if you’d like).

This time I will throw some pretty pictures up on here so yall have something fun to look at while you read about my favorite nonsense :)

Here we go!

Favorite Dinner Time Food: Sushi! This is also my favorite anytime food :)

Favorite Dessert: The butterscotch budino from Pizzeria Mozza. I am not the world’s biggest fan of dessert – I’d rather be eating food – but this is the only dessert in the world that I always order and always REFUSE to share.

Favorite "I just had a shitty day and want to smother my feelings in food" food: Definitely pasta. Even Ramen would work. A carb for sure.

Favorite snack that won't clog my arteries: Fiber One Bars (Oats & Chocolate flavor) and Asian pears

Favorite Friday Night Alone food: Probably soup and sesame shrimp from Chang’s Chinese in my neighborhood – so good!

Favorite Beverage: Diet Coke

Favorite Sunday Brunch Drink: I do love a good mimosa every once in a while.

Favorite "Let's Forget Tonight, But No Hangover" drink: Vodka Cranberry

Favorite Book: Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner

Favorite Blog (of the moment): UGH how can I pick? I always read Stripes & Sequins and Cheetah Is The New Black first in my Google Reader.

Favorite Singer to Listen to While Sitting In a Cafe: This does not happen in my life. I am far too antsy to sit and listen to someone sing while drinking a caffeinated bev.

Favorite Singer When I'm Alone in My Room and Singing in the Mirror: IT’S BRITNEY BITCH! (It’s ALWAYS Britney bitch.)

Favorite Piece of Furniture: I do love my teddy bear couch.

Favorite Male Body Part: Arms and shoulders.

Favorite Personality Trait in a Man: A sense of humor

Favorite Part of the Day: Reading blogs, eating dinner, when I’m finally out of the shower and all dried off in PJs – not necessarily all at once but that sounds good too.

Favorite Season aka When I Look the Best: I look the best in summer because I have a tan! Duh.

Favorite Way to Fall Asleep: Phone call with Ram, phone call with Mom, and an hour of TV before rolling over on my right side and passing out while holding my squishy pillow.

Favorite Adventure Seeker: I think my dear friend Stacy takes lots of risks – she moved to a brand new city where she knew no one, backpacked through Europe last summer, has gone skydiving, taught herself how to ski, is now climbing all the mountains in the universe (or some shit like that…) – well done Bracha!

Favorite Person of All Time: MAMA!

Favorite Time to Wake Up: Whenever I naturally wake up!

Favorite Saying: Jacob says when I forget what I wanted to say I say “Whatchamacallit?” I think my favorite saying is FUCK.

Favorite Color: Pink and turquoise!

Favorite Way to Spend My Day: Walking to the Farmer’s Market, shopping with my mama, lunch with my besties, movies with my boyfriend, fancy dinner… that sounds like a pretty fabulous day to me!

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