Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Costume Conundrum

YOU GUYS. It is October 11th and I do not yet have a Halloween costume.

THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. Last year for some reason I was not in the “Halloween Spirit” and did not buy a costume or plan ahead in any way. Cue the day of Halloween and of course I was invited to a party and of course I had to scramble for a costume. I ended up being a stupid cat.

HOW LAME. I refuse to be that lame again. This year, I am wearing a real costume, one that requires more effort than drawing whiskers on my face with eyeliner. The only question is... what should I be?!

I really want to be a cupcake! But this costume is all sold out on the Target website. How cute would it be with glitter tights and hot pink heels?

I could be a flapper. God knows I like wearing feather boas.

Or I could be a... poodle skirt girl? What IS this? A 1960s high school student? If I can't even figure it out myself, what would I tell people when they asked me what I was?

Am I a terrible person for not hating this slightly slutty Minnie Mouse situation? Usually I not all about being a slut but we all know the famous Mean Girls line: “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it!”

Oooh, I could be Hermione Granger! (But just writing her name gets me sad that the books and movies are over and I really don’t want to spent my whole night crying...)

Do you like any of these? Leave your vote in the comments, OR if you have a better suggestion, I’m open to that as well. In recent years I’ve been a ballerina, an 80’s rockstar, a Mad Men-era housewife (with homemade cupcakes), Pebbles Flinstone, and a lot of other dumb things. I like costumes that involve glitter and sparkles (obv) and I am not opposed to handmaking part of it.



Katie said...

I think you should be Jem - that would be awesome: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-be-Jem-from-Jem-The-Holograms-for-Halloween/

Lindsey Leigh said...

Omg, we are too much alike. I almost was the cupcake but I read online it was a poorly made horrible ill fitting costume so i have contemplated my own. This year I have also contemplated Minnie and Hermione, lol

alexblairgoldberg said...

Cupcake (w/pink heels) or hermione for sure. no question.

OR you and Rami can be a TBIRD and a PINK LADY!

Dawn said...

I vote for the flapper. With Boardwalk Empire being hot-hot-hot, flapper is the Mad Men costume of 2011. Plus, you'd be an adorable flapper!

Alice (VESTIGIAL WINGS) said...

the cupcake is cute! maybe just wear a lacey poofy dress with a frosting hat?


Jayme said...

What about Strawberry Shortcake? I have a kicka$$ costume and WIG! You could tempt me into sending it from Boston :) Or, you could always try to be Rainbow Bright?

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

You are so cute. My friend has a cute idea - be a candy corn! Orange skirt, white tank, yellow tank layered over or under! Maybe fun yellow headband. Just an idea :)