Monday, October 31, 2011

A Sunny Home

Yellow is such a pretty, happy color. I’ve blogged about yellow before – this post also includes a weird story about how I was almost named Raya Sunshine Silverman – but lately I’ve really been drawn to yellow things for the home, too. It’s the perfect color to brighten up the room or to provide a punch of color with one standout piece.

Here are some pretty sunshine-y favorites I’ve been liking lately!

I’ve always loved this West Elm rug. I am a big fan of blocked patterns, and these little lotuses are so pretty, I would hate to even step on them! This would look great with a brown or grey couch.

Speaking of yellow and grey, look at these great pillows! They are Dwell Studio for Target and I pick one up every time I go into Target just to hold and squeeze because they are so soft. And guess what – they’re on sale right now!

We all know of my deep and intense love for chevron. But YELLOW chevron takes it to a whole other level! This Urban Outfitters chair is quite a find – how cute would it look tucked in a corner in a home office or kids room? I love it!

I am in the middle of updating my room – more on that later – and I needed new pillowcases for my euro shams. I bought these last week online from the Crate & Barrel outlet – still waiting for them to arrive, but I love the texture. Will show you a pic if I end up keeping them!

When my sister moved into her new apartment with her boyfriend, she needed to “butch up” all her girly things, so she bought these Anthropologie towels in the navy/grey combo. I had no idea they came in other colors, so imagine my surprise when I saw them on the website in this golden shade! They are beautiful, great quality, and I think quite reasonably priced for what they are.

Some other fun treats – remember how I said above that yellow is the perfect pop of color? Put a flowery vase, a tiny yellow bowl, or a cool lantern on a shelf and I guarantee your eye will go directly to it every time you walk by. I’m partial to these!

What do you think? Do you like yellow for your home? I am on a mission to incorporate some more into my apartment. Can’t wait to show you!


Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

I love yellow for the home - so sunny and fun!!! That chair is heaven.

Miss Honey & Nutmeg said...

I love yellow & grey or yellow & white together. I never usually wear yellow since it's not my color, but I do find myself attracted to it.

Melissa said...

i love yellow too.. and your euro shams! I'm looking to update with some euro pillows & shams, where did you get the pillows?