Monday, November 21, 2011

Disney Day!

Hi yall! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I saw Breaking Dawn (LOVED - squealed out loud like a middle-school girl), went to a karaoke dive bar in Silverlake and watched Ram rock out to Jefferson Starship, ate some delicious sushi, and ended with some dancing penguins at Happy Feet 2.

Oh, and I ALSO went to Disneyland! Yes, I spent Saturday at Disneyland with a group of people celebrating R’s best friend Frank’s birthday. It was so nice meeting some new people - we didn’t know the other two couples - and we all had a lot of fun together!!


Rocking our “I’m Celebrating!” buttons

For a Saturday the week before a holiday weekend, the park wasn’t packed at all! We managed to hit every ride we wanted - Matterhorn, Buzz Lightyear, Captain EO, the new Star Tours, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Indiana Jones, the Jungle Cruise, the Haunted Mansion, and more.

My favorite ride is hands down Space Mountain. We waited the longest to get on this one - about 45 minutes - but it was well worth it. Because I am a dedicated blogger, I am including this photo of us from the actual ride - that’s me in the back, throwing my hands in the air and screaming like an insane person!


This was the first theme park Ram and I had visited together. However, we DID go to the zoo together, so I had some idea of how he might behave... just as I suspected, he ran around like a small adorable child excitedly pointing at things.


Doesn’t he look delighted? I definitely forced him to wear this Dumbo hat while I rocked a stunning pink princess crown/veil combo.


How insanely gorgeous is this? Disneyland decorated It’s A Small World in gorgeous neon lights for Christmas. Probably the prettiest thing this Jewish girl has ever seen :)


Here’s a framer! I still can’t get over how gorgeous those lights were.


We spent the entire day - twelve hours! - at the park. By the time we left, my stomach hurt from delicious food, my feet were aching from walking all over, and I was so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open (and in fact passed out in the car on the way home), but it was a great day!

I highly recommend Disneyland at Christmastime for anyone who has never been - at the risk of sounding cheesy, it was magical!


Lindsey Leigh said...

i love this post.... becuase disney is my fave place!!!! :)

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

ha! looks like a fun weekend. you and your bf are so cute!

Alexa said...

So fun...the happiest place on earth! xo