Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Favorite Time of Year - SALE Time!

Hola from the Big Apple! Things are fab here but I couldn't resist popping in to say hi. I'm in a great mood - it's my favorite time of year!

Yes, Fall is my favorite season. But more specifically, it's about to be the Bloomingdales Friends & Family sale - hands down my REAL favorite time of year!

Starting today, you can take 20% off nearly everything at Bloomies! I wait and wait for this sale - so I can't help stocking up on lots of beauties by the time it finally comes around! Here's what I'm eyeing this time around:

I can't stop looking at this coat! I love me some DKNY and this shade of pink - raspberry, she calls it - is to die for. This will look fabulous with so many things in my closet - not to mention any outfit in basic black!

I have two pairs of solid colored Tory Burch Eddie flats - they're insanely comfortable and I recommend them to anyone who usually has a hard time finding flats that don't rub them. Now Miss Burch is making them in leopard print! How could I NOT get these?!

I can't wait til I can get into the store and actually try this DVF dress on. I love its casual, loose shape - I think it'll be gorgeous over tights and high booties, or even just leggings and flats. Perfect for the office, a night out, or date night!

Confession: MAYBE I squealed out loud when I saw this Tory cardigan. How insane is it?! Stripes and leopard - both my absolute favorites. I may have to snap this one up too!

20% off, yall! How could you NOT take advantage? Hop on over to or if you live in a place with a store, get there early - presale started a couple days ago!

(And wait a second. Pink. Leopard. Pink. Leopard. Does anyone else sense a theme!?)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Me Me Meme

Greetings from the East Coast! I will not tell a lie, I scheduled this post ahead of time, but that's because at this very moment instead of sitting in front of a computer I am sure I'm doing something like trying to convince R to let us take a cab instead of the subway or eating a piece of real New York pizza the size of my head. You know. Important things.

Anywho! I am sure by now yall are bored to TEARS any time I do a meme but I can’t help myself – I totally love them. (Read other ones I’ve done here and here if you’d like).

This time I will throw some pretty pictures up on here so yall have something fun to look at while you read about my favorite nonsense :)

Here we go!

Favorite Dinner Time Food: Sushi! This is also my favorite anytime food :)

Favorite Dessert: The butterscotch budino from Pizzeria Mozza. I am not the world’s biggest fan of dessert – I’d rather be eating food – but this is the only dessert in the world that I always order and always REFUSE to share.

Favorite "I just had a shitty day and want to smother my feelings in food" food: Definitely pasta. Even Ramen would work. A carb for sure.

Favorite snack that won't clog my arteries: Fiber One Bars (Oats & Chocolate flavor) and Asian pears

Favorite Friday Night Alone food: Probably soup and sesame shrimp from Chang’s Chinese in my neighborhood – so good!

Favorite Beverage: Diet Coke

Favorite Sunday Brunch Drink: I do love a good mimosa every once in a while.

Favorite "Let's Forget Tonight, But No Hangover" drink: Vodka Cranberry

Favorite Book: Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner

Favorite Blog (of the moment): UGH how can I pick? I always read Stripes & Sequins and Cheetah Is The New Black first in my Google Reader.

Favorite Singer to Listen to While Sitting In a Cafe: This does not happen in my life. I am far too antsy to sit and listen to someone sing while drinking a caffeinated bev.

Favorite Singer When I'm Alone in My Room and Singing in the Mirror: IT’S BRITNEY BITCH! (It’s ALWAYS Britney bitch.)

Favorite Piece of Furniture: I do love my teddy bear couch.

Favorite Male Body Part: Arms and shoulders.

Favorite Personality Trait in a Man: A sense of humor

Favorite Part of the Day: Reading blogs, eating dinner, when I’m finally out of the shower and all dried off in PJs – not necessarily all at once but that sounds good too.

Favorite Season aka When I Look the Best: I look the best in summer because I have a tan! Duh.

Favorite Way to Fall Asleep: Phone call with Ram, phone call with Mom, and an hour of TV before rolling over on my right side and passing out while holding my squishy pillow.

Favorite Adventure Seeker: I think my dear friend Stacy takes lots of risks – she moved to a brand new city where she knew no one, backpacked through Europe last summer, has gone skydiving, taught herself how to ski, is now climbing all the mountains in the universe (or some shit like that…) – well done Bracha!

Favorite Person of All Time: MAMA!

Favorite Time to Wake Up: Whenever I naturally wake up!

Favorite Saying: Jacob says when I forget what I wanted to say I say “Whatchamacallit?” I think my favorite saying is FUCK.

Favorite Color: Pink and turquoise!

Favorite Way to Spend My Day: Walking to the Farmer’s Market, shopping with my mama, lunch with my besties, movies with my boyfriend, fancy dinner… that sounds like a pretty fabulous day to me!

Friday, September 23, 2011

East Coast Here I Come!

Starting tonight I am off on a fun weeklong adventure!

Rami and I are taking the redeye to Boston tonight. Tomorrow when we land, we’re renting a car and going to Exeter, New Hampshire for the weekend - it’s his friend from college’s wedding and we couldn’t miss it. On Sunday, we’ll return the car and fly from Boston to New York - we’ll be there together til Tuesday night, when R will fly home. I’m staying in New York the rest of the week so I can hang out with Bay and celebrate the Jewish holidays with my family. I won’t be home again til Saturday!

I promise to blog as much as I can - I’m bringing my laptop and my new iPad so there shouldn’t be any excuses! Unless, of course, I get too caught up in things like eating at hot dog carts, visiting Topshop in Soho, and begging Rami to take a cab instead of the subway :)

In the meantime, let’s discuss the more important things - what I’m packing on this major trip!

I’m an infrequent shopper at Banana Republic and I don’t watch Mad Men, so my own obsession with the Banana Republic Mad Men collection was a surprise even to me! All the items in the collection were gorgeous and classy, but the moment I laid eyes on this black lace dress, I knew it had to be mine. I ordered it online the day it came out and when it finally came, I couldn’t stop squealing - it fits like it was made for me! I love the demure cut - perfect for this upcoming wedding!

For years, I’ve carried my laptop around in an old faded blue sleeve that I stole from Bailey. It was time to upgrade, and I knew I wanted an actual laptop bag this time - something light that I could easily stuff with my computer and cords and take around with me. For my birthday, Bay sent me the Marc Jacobs laptop bag (you know the one - it’s literally everywhere) and while I liked it a lot, I kept searching. When I found this LeSportsac one on sale at ShopBop for half the price, I snapped it right up! It came a couple days ago - nice timing! - and it’s perfect for the job!

Last weekend my mom and I popped into Anthropologie - while browsing through the sale racks, I stumbled upon this gorgeous Anna Sui beauty. Originally $288, it was on sale for $39.99 - talk about a shopping miracle!!! (Even better, it was a size small and STILL fit perfectly!) The colors are very spring/summer, but I will “winter it up” by pairing it with a black blazer and my black suede Pour la Victore wedges. May end up wearing this one to synagogue on Rosh Hashanah... we’ll see!

As someone who stalks before I go anywhere, I’m not getting the best forecast for this trip :( It looks like it’ll rain at least a couple of days, so I’m preparing by packing a coat, an umbrella, and - cross your fingers - these Missoni for Target rainboots! My roommate’s mom has an extra pair in my size and she said I could buy them from her. I am praying they fit!

I am so excited for our trip - can’t wait to meet R’s New York friends, see my sister’s new apartment, get to hang out in one of my favorite cities, and play with my cousins :)

Next time I write will be from the East Coast! XOXO

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blue Jean Queen

Every once in a while I buy something that is so cool and trendy I can hardly stand it. I get ridiculously excited about my new purchase: I tell everyone, look at pictures of it online, insist on wearing it everywhere I possibly can, and generally cause a thoroughly unnecessary scene.

So. What did I buy that’s causing me such excitement this time around?

These new jeans!

Colored jeans are MAJOR for fall (see I am a mini Rachel Zoe) and I am OBSESSED with this electric blue color. I had been searching for a pair and these are just right – not too tight and not too long, and the color is super vibrant and punchy.

Mine are from Gap (they come in raspberry and green too!), but I’ve seen others in stores too. Want your own? Here are a few more options:

Left to right: Fire Skinny - Current/Elliott - Celebrity Pink - J Brand

I think they will look fabulous with a long grey tank, black blazer or cardigan, leopard flats or heels, and tons of jewelry of course! Can’t wait to debut them on the East Coast this weekend. That’s right, on Friday night Rami and I are jaunting off to Boston, New Hampshire, and New York. Stay tuned for details!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Neck Candy

A couple weeks ago, frustrated with the enormous tangle of necklaces in my jewelry box, I took matters into my own hands.

From left to right (displayed on a pretty Anthropologie hook rack) - pendants I wear all the time, statement necklaces I wear all the time, statement necklaces, and multichain necklaces.

I bought another jewelry holder from Urban Outfitters for everything that didn’t fit on the Anthro one - what can I say? I like being organized.

Once I could actually SEE all the necklaces I owned, naturally I decided it was time to beef up the collection. In the past few weeks I’ve gone a little nuts with buying new pendants and statement necklaces - here are some of the ones I’ve bought!

I love simple pendants that go with everything - I nearly always have one on no matter what I’m wearing. I got this Kendra Scott one on sale for 50% at Nordstroms last week - go get one before it’s too late! Available in turquoise, white, and tigers eye (brown).

Isn’t this purple braided strand cute? You can actually see this one in one of my pictures above - I paid $12 for it but it’s now on sale for less than $6! Available in purple, cream, and turquoise.

There’s nothing this simple chain of beads won’t go with it, and the length is absolutely perfect, not to mention the price - on sale at Nordstrom for $31! I got turquoise - my favorite stone to wear- it also comes in natural and tigers eye.

I saved my favorite two for last!

The necklace above is by Spring Street - it’s available in the beige, which I own, and black. The moment I saw it I knew I had to own it - I literally could not believe it when I saw the price tag... only $68! I wore it to the Shabbat dinner I hosted a couple weeks ago, out in Palm Springs with Rami, and with a casual sweater and pair of jeans, and I get TONS of compliments whenever I put it on!

I have loved this necklace for years - the stone is drusy agate and it’s literally the prettiest, sparkliest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life - the picture does not do it justice. Bailey loves it too! So you can imagine how much shrieking came from the Silverman sisters when my mom saw me admiring it in a store and promptly bought us EACH this Marcia Moran necklace on the spot! BEST MOM EVER! Every time I look at myself wearing it in a mirror I can’t help but smile!

So... think my collection is complete? I sure do... until the next sale, that is :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

SURPRISE Birthday Celebrations!

Friday is here already and I haven’t even filled you in on the events of last weekend!

When Greene and I decided to throw a joint birthday party this year (our birthdays are only 10 days apart), some of our wonderful friends decided to fly into town to celebrate. Gerrick found a cheap flight months ago and booked it immediately, Lindsey Fox (GB’s bestie from Houston) came from her new home of Chicago, and a couple weeks ago, Floff decided to come as well! We were so excited for our three guests – GB and I chatted about everything we wanted to do with our friends and planned the whole weekend out. Or so we thought!

On Friday afternoon, after picking Gerrick up from the airport, we returned to my apartment to relax when my phone rang – someone was at the front door with a package. To be honest, the delivery guy sounded shady (Me: “Where’s the package from?” Him: “Um….. uh…. Amazon?”) so I told him to leave it at the front door and buzzed him in. A couple minutes after that, Gerrick darted out the room, mumbling something about needing a glass of water. As she walked back into the room, I looked up – and Julie was standing in front of me!

Here is the link to the video that she took during the surprise! LET ME JUST STATE FOR THE RECORD: While I may LOOK like I am on the toilet peeing, I AM NOT. The lid was closed and I was wearing pants! I was merely sitting there chatting to Gerrick when she darted out of the room.

Sneaky Gerrick and Anna pulled off the ultimate surprise! After hearing our pals talk about the fun weekend we had planned in LA, Julie decided to book a last-minute surprise trip from Houston. She didn’t tell a soul besides Anna or Gerrick – so in short order we surprised Greene, Lindsey, and Floff as well!

It was such a fabulous surprise to have a whole bunch of my best friends in town for the weekend. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again a million times – I am so thankful for their friendships and love. We may all live in different cities and don’t get to see each other often, but we make it work and stay super close with daily phone calls, emails, and frequent visits! I truly believe they are the best friends on earth!

Some weekend highlights – after the Julie reveal (she actually HID in my trunk when I picked Greene up and popped out, scaring poor GB half to death), we headed out to dinner at Animal and the pals finally got to meet Rami!

I think he may have been slightly frightened by how very loud we were. We get that way when we’re all reunited.

In short order we were all best friends, sharing plates of delicious bacon and laughing. After dinner we headed out to a bar in Santa Monica for a little bit before coming home to rest up for the day ahead!

Saturday was GB’s actual birthday! We celebrated with a delicious birthday brunch at 26 Beach (sushi burgers… OMFG) with all our girlfriends. Anna brought Eytan and he was a HIT! Everyone fought over holding him – I may have earned a reputation as a “baby hog” because I didn’t want to share. (I allowed Julie to hold him for the AEPHI FPC 03 picture below):

Three musketeers and our baby mascot - could you EAT THAT FACE?!

After brunch, we spent the afternoon shopping on Montana Avenue and getting beautified at Drybar before the big night! GB and I had planned a joint birthday celebration at a fun bar in West LA called the Wellesbourne. I wore my fancy new special BCBG birthday dress – and matched everyone else who also wore black!

Cute boyfriend :)

My Allison darling!

With the Fox sisters:

I am ashamed to admit but I don’t have a ton of other pictures from the night itself! I drank too much for probably the first time in ages (remind me to tell yall the new saga of how I’m allergic to alcohol) and didn’t take my camera out a lot but TONS of our pals came to celebrate with us!

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping, lounging, Farmer’s Market-ing, eating sushi, and snuggling :) Julie and Floff both left on Sunday, and Gerr stayed til Monday night. I was so sad to see them go!

It was a fabulous weekend with my fabulous friends. Counting down the days til I get to see them again! And thank you to everyone else who helped me celebrate! Jordan Marisa Rose Birthday Celebrations are officially done for 2011… less than a year until 2012 celebrations begin!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

iPad iLove

So as I mentioned last week... I am now the proud owner of an iPad 2! Thank you Mommy for my fabulous birthday present!

I could not be more excited about my new toy - last week Rami and I spent hours playing with it. He showed me how to put apps on it, and I am already obsessed. I can tell it’s gonna be one of those things that I have no idea how I ever lived without!

Of course, it goes without saying that I already bought a snazzy little cover to protect it - this one, in pink! It’s magnetic and snaps right on to protect the screen, plus it folds in all sorts of directions so I can prop it up to read or watch a movie.

HOWEVER... you know me. I love to accessorize. And my new toy can’t go around NAKED, can it? I think it needs a pretty little case to live in, don’t you?

Look at this gorgeous emerald color! This Graphic Image case comes in chocolate brown and pink, but the green immediately drew me in. I just want to touch that crocodile leather! ($139)

This Dolce & Gabbana beauty is screaming my name. Leopard leather? Uh, yes please. ($295)

Speaking of leopard, I am loving this DVF spin on the print - black and white spots are so chic! I like that it’s coated canvas, too - any dirt you accidentally got on it would wipe right off. ($150)

Calling all my AEPhi’s! DKNY made a super cute giraffe print case. Would be the absolute cutest carrying every Monday night to chapter meeting :) ($135)

One look at the pattern on this case and you know who made it, without a doubt. Such a pretty Pucci print! ($330)

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like this Tory Burch sleeve. It comes in black and camel - I’m partial to the camel! ($195)

I seriously considered buying this cute Kate Spade polka dot wonder. At $50, the price is absolutely right. If that little green logo had been pink I might have been sold!

If I had a spare JILLION DOLLARS I would be all over this Marc Jacobs case like white on rice. Look at that chain! It could easily double as a purse! ($495)

The ones above are all gorgeous. But at the end of the day here’s the one I went with:

Isn’t it fantastic? I am obsessed with the shiny patent leather, pretty printed inside, and embossed chevron pattern. It’s Ted Baker - I got it at Nordstroms - and it comes four gorgeous colors, including black, beige, a gorgeous grey, and of course, pink! I’m sure my iPad will be very happy living in this beauty... and I’ll be one happy owner!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Madness

If you are a fashion-loving human being who was alive and breathing air on Tuesday, you know what went down with Missoni for Target.

Just as I suspected, the launch was insane. But do not worry! I am now the proud owner of a large amount of the chevron-printed goods. Here’s how my experience went down…

On Monday night, my dear mother, who had promised to accompany me bright and early to wait on line the next day, bailed on me. Perhaps she was tired, perhaps she was remembering when I dragged her out of bed and forced her to drive me to a White Plains, New York Target at 8am for the Tucker for Target launch, where after weeks of worrying about it being sold out I was literally the only person in the store – whatever it was, she was NOT DOWN AT ALL.

I freaked out. I didn’t want to go alone! Luckily, my roommate came to the rescue and agreed to meet me in the valley at 7:30am. I decided to sleep at Rami’s, as he lives 5 minutes away from the Target we chose. (This was an impromptu sleepover – thank you to my sweet boyfriend for giving up his night of reading alone and being so patient with me!) By midnight on Tuesday, I was propped up in bed in Rami’s apartment holding my new iPad and his laptop and iPhone. Of course, there was nothing. I hit refresh a jillion times and when nothing came up, I went to sleep….

…only to wake up, naturally, at 3am. As soon as my eyes popped open I figured “Why not check just in case?” BEST IDEA I HAVE EVER HAD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as I can tell, at 3am PST/6am EST, the Target team started loading the items onto the website. They were immediately available – I was clicking things, adding them to my cart, taking my sweet time! At about 3:30am, I was done – I checked out and paid for 13 items in my cart. As soon as I got my confirmation email, I realized I had forgotten to buy towels! I logged back on and bought four towels – two for me, two for my roommate – paid, and went back to bed. It was barely 4am.

Apparently, the website crashed right after! I still can’t believe how lucky I am. Part of me is still nervous my items won’t come in – I keep double checking my confirmation email to make myself feel better!

At 7am, my alarm went off and I got dressed and left to meet Rach at the store. She was already on line when I arrived at 7:40am– there were about 40 women in front of us.

Now for the madness. As soon as the doors open, these bitches turned into vicious savages. People started screaming, running, pushing – it was basically a riot. Security guards were screaming for order and no one listened. I darted through the crowd, bypassing women SHRIEKING in the clothing section, shouting for Rachel to follow me, and headed straight to the home goods.

They had a whole rack of stuff I had my eye on! I put a tray in my cart and one in Rachel’s, and reached for a container. As Rachel loaded glass mugs into her cart carefully, I bent down to start stacking salad plates. I always buy table settings for 8 people – I picked up 4 black plates and put them in my cart, and I placed 3 rainbow plates in my cart. I turned around for the final colored plate and an old woman GRABBED the entire stack – seriously, probably 20 plates! – and put the whole stack in her cart! I snarled a nasty word at her but couldn’t wait around – there was more stuff to get!

We ended up only getting a couple more things in store – I got a pair of pajama pants and helped Rach get a few hand towels – before we realized there was NOTHING LEFT IN THE STORE. We got in line to pay – it was 8:08. The entire store sold out in less than 10 minutes.

Terrifying anecdote #1: I had picked up a tote-bag as soon as I ran into the store, and as I was checking out, I realized I didn’t really want it. Half jokingly, I raised it in the air and shouted “Anyone want this?” A woman SCREAMED “I DO!” at the top of her lungs, lunged towards me, snatched it out of my hands and ran off.

Terrifying anecdote #2: As we were paying, Rach and I noticed some commotion towards the front of the store. A woman was hysterically crying and sobbing on the arm of a security guard as they walked towards us. As soon as she was in earshot, I heard her yell “That’s her!” and point towards a woman in line next to us. “That’s her! She’s the one who tripped me! YOU BROKE MY TOE! You bitch! I’ll kill you!” Rachel looked scared but I obviously had to chime in. “That woman took my stuff!” I shouted, pointing at the old lady unloading MY PLATES a couple rows down. “PIPE DOWN!” Rachel said to me. “YOU are not fighting with anyone here today!” I begrudgingly stopped pointing.

As soon as I got in my car and left Target, my phone buzzed with a picture message. It was a self portrait from Jacob – holding a Missoni for Target vase! I called immediately and learned that his mom had gone to Target for regular household items and stumbled upon the goods. Direct quote from Mrs. Laurie herself: “I went for orange juice and milk, and ended up spending $375!” My kind of woman.

While I was telling Jacob all about the near-riots, his younger sister Sophie arrived on the scene and decided she was going to head over to a different Memphis-area Target. Naturally, I begged her to search for me too! Cue a bizarre four-way phone call – I sat on the phone for nearly a half hour, telling Jacob what I wanted, while he relayed it to his mom, sitting next to him, who passed the message on to Sophie in the store. Confusing, yes, but the Memphis stores were nowhere near as crazy as the LA stores, and Sophie got a ton more things I wasn’t able to get my hands on here! I owe a HUGE thank you to the entire Samuels family for helping fuel my shopping addiction :) I also owe my dear pal Deborah a shout-out - after reading my Facebook lament about missing out on the robe, she added one to her cart for me! Thank you Deb for looking out for me too :)

So I bet you’re wondering after all that, what did I get? WELL! What do you think I am, some shopping amateur? I got nearly every single thing I wanted – the espresso cups, sweater boxes, a throw, stacking bowls, a ton of the stationery goods and folders, cosmetic bags, candles, vases, plates, trays, towels, platters, and more.

You might be reading this with your mouth open, thinking about what a nut case I am. Well, you’re right - kind of. I am a competitive person by nature, and throw in some shopping into the mix and there was no way I wasn’t going to be all over that. But more than that - I genuinely have always loved the Missoni line. When I heard the brand was teaming up with Target, I was ecstatic. I didn’t only do it for the chase - I did it because it was a chance for me to finally own some of the things that I’ve long admired and dreamed about.

So if it means I spent one day being a crazed lunatic running around desperately searching for stuff at my local Target, so be it! At the end of the day, I’m happy - and a lot poorer :)