Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Soft & Cozy

Apparently I went a little nuts in the shopping department whilst in New York because when I got home and unpacked my suitcase, I realized that in five short days, I bought SIX sweaters.

SIX! That’s insane. Especially when you consider the fact that OH HELLO I LIVE IN LOS ANGELES and sweater season lasts for about forty-five minutes.

Anyway. Here are the goodies:


Top row:

H&M - I can’t find the exact one I got online, but this grey cozy little friend is pretty close to it (just no pom-poms on mine)!

Sandro – I can’t find it online, but mine is actually beige, not black. I saw it on a Bloomingdales sale rack and literally ran across the store to snag it. I LOVE the toggle closures.

J.Crew – Had to take advantage of J.Crew’s great Black Friday sale. I got these two cardigans in mint and hot pink – I love the crystal buttons!

Bottom row:

J.Crew again - how pretty is that mint green?

Gap – The 2011 version of last year’s wrap sweater that I went batshit insane over. Also crazy soft, totally great price, and the pattern is so fun!

Helmut Lang - Gotta represent the Helmut Lang – shout out Bailey J – and this one is insanely soft.

Now that I am appropriately outfitted for winter, maybe the LA heat wave will go away for a couple days so I can actually wear some of my new purchases? Fingers crossed.

Also - New York pictures coming soon, and OMFG GIFT GUIDES are just a few days away!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tivo. Starbucks Chai Lattes. Sunshine. Jonah Hill. Seth Rogen. Jason Segel. Kate Spade accessories. Las Vegas. Anything and everything J.Crew. Interior design blogs. Fashion blogs. My own blog. Swedish Fish. My iPad. My Macbook. My iPhone. Anthropologie bedding. GChat. Glee songs. Home Goods. Living walking distance to a Pinkberry. Designer handbags. The Brentwood Farmer's Market. Rainy Saturday afternoons. The Drybar. A good job. Fountain Diet Coke. Movie marathons. A great roommate and a beautiful apartment. Tina Fey. Mindy Kaling. Traveling. The South. Open Table points. Karaoke. Sparkly ballet flats. The Bloomingdales Friends & Family sale. Salted caramel ice cream. Dive bars. Spicy tuna on crispy rice. Sea urchin sushi. Fresh flowers every weekend. Costume jewelry. Cozy Ugg slippers. Sequin blazers. Facebook. Twitter. Three-way phone calls with best friends. Finally learning how to cook. Homemade dinners for loved ones. Missoni for Target. The Rose Bowl Flea Market. Fresh tomato and burrata salads. Barnes & Noble. Top Chef. Long showers. My adorable boyfriend. Amazing friends. The best family. Health. Happiness. Love.

I am thankful for so much!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cute for Katy!

I have been a busy bee the past few days! Work has been crazy and I had to pack for my upcoming trip last night. Usually I don’t like to pack until the night before a trip, but I have big plans tonight and won’t be getting home til very late, so I had to break my own rule.

Anywho! What are these big plans, you ask?

Tonight I’m going to the KATY PERRY concert!


My dad bought me tickets for my birthday a few months ago and the show is finally here! Britney will always be my pop music queen but Katy’s music sure is catchy :)

Greene Bean is usually the one who accompanies me to pop concerts, but she’ll already be Houston for Thanksgiving! Instead, I am dragging along poor Rami, who likes pop music just about as much as I like weird indie rock. Which is to say, not that much. He’s a good sport, though - he claims he’s looking forward to seeing “her costumes.” Which is to say... her boobs.

Barring any major ensemble catastrophes, here’s what I’ll be wearing to dinner beforehand (fancy sushi at Katsuya - yum!) and the concert!


Hot pink Old Navy skirt - on sale now for less than $25! I love the pleats :)

Black Helmut Lang long sleeved shirt - mine’s a few years old, but SO comfortable.

J.Crew black suede wedges - to give me some height while still letting me dance!

Chunky necklace - mine’s vintage, but this Forever 21 version is similar and awfully cute.

Zara sequin clutch - perfect for adding some sparkle!

I’m already singing California Girls :) can’t wait to give yall a full report!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Disney Day!

Hi yall! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I saw Breaking Dawn (LOVED - squealed out loud like a middle-school girl), went to a karaoke dive bar in Silverlake and watched Ram rock out to Jefferson Starship, ate some delicious sushi, and ended with some dancing penguins at Happy Feet 2.

Oh, and I ALSO went to Disneyland! Yes, I spent Saturday at Disneyland with a group of people celebrating R’s best friend Frank’s birthday. It was so nice meeting some new people - we didn’t know the other two couples - and we all had a lot of fun together!!


Rocking our “I’m Celebrating!” buttons

For a Saturday the week before a holiday weekend, the park wasn’t packed at all! We managed to hit every ride we wanted - Matterhorn, Buzz Lightyear, Captain EO, the new Star Tours, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Indiana Jones, the Jungle Cruise, the Haunted Mansion, and more.

My favorite ride is hands down Space Mountain. We waited the longest to get on this one - about 45 minutes - but it was well worth it. Because I am a dedicated blogger, I am including this photo of us from the actual ride - that’s me in the back, throwing my hands in the air and screaming like an insane person!


This was the first theme park Ram and I had visited together. However, we DID go to the zoo together, so I had some idea of how he might behave... just as I suspected, he ran around like a small adorable child excitedly pointing at things.


Doesn’t he look delighted? I definitely forced him to wear this Dumbo hat while I rocked a stunning pink princess crown/veil combo.


How insanely gorgeous is this? Disneyland decorated It’s A Small World in gorgeous neon lights for Christmas. Probably the prettiest thing this Jewish girl has ever seen :)


Here’s a framer! I still can’t get over how gorgeous those lights were.


We spent the entire day - twelve hours! - at the park. By the time we left, my stomach hurt from delicious food, my feet were aching from walking all over, and I was so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open (and in fact passed out in the car on the way home), but it was a great day!

I highly recommend Disneyland at Christmastime for anyone who has never been - at the risk of sounding cheesy, it was magical!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fun Finds!

I was driving home after work (on a street different from the one I usually take) and was stuck in traffic when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a sign advertising "STORE CLOSING: EVERYTHING 40% OFF!" It's rare I can turn down a sale, so I switched lanes to get closer, which is when I saw that the sign was outside a furniture store. Score! I immediately pulled over to pop inside.

I loved nearly everything! Lamps, headboards, a gorgeous pair of mirrored nightstands, a cool velvet ottoman, and so many other pieces of furniture, but being as a) I haven't figured out EXACTLY how I am planning on redoing my new room and b) my roommate will call Hoarders on my ass if I bring home one more piece of furniture that we don't need, I figured I'd better stick with accessories :)

So if you were following me on Twitter on Wednesday night, you already saw my loot!

These are iPhone pics (sorry!) so they don't do these pieces justice - the vase is actually nearly three feet tall in real life! The saleslady packed them up and I brought my new things home to live with me :)

I'm dying over this little Buddha. How cute and happy is he?! His turquoise paint job perfectly matches my living room, so he'll stay that color for now, but I can't guarantee he won't get a coat of metallic gold sometime in the future. I put him on my side table with a photo of me and my roommate in a cool hammered silver frame and my awesome leopard vase Jacob bought me for my birthday two years ago. And I couldn't resist giving him a little bling, so he's wearing a Banana Republic statement necklace from a couple years ago :)

This white lacquer picture frame has found a happy home on my brand new Moroccan side table (first seen here). I love the way the black and white contrast with my pink squiggle vase!

Finally, my huge white quatrefoil vase is currently residing on the top of my entertainment center. I have to be honest, as soon as I laid eyes on this baby in the store, I knew she was coming home with me - I've been admiring similar ones in stores and on blogs FOREVER! It's a very versatile piece that I know I'll have for years and years.

The quality of these pictures is embarrassing me - must charge my camera! I'll do it in time to capture some weekend fun - tomorrow I'm heading to Disneyland for a birthday party, tonight I'm seeing the Twilight movie, and Sunday I plan on sleeping in, having brunch, and doing a little shopping. But NOT for anything for my home, I swear! :)

Hope you all have great weekends too!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Suitcase Sneak Peek

A week from today I head to New York for Thanksgiving! I’m excited to see my extended family, hang out with my sister, do some shopping, and of course, enjoy some REAL winter weather.

I haven’t been doing any major shopping lately - maybe a spree is in order when I’m in NY?! - but I’ve picked up a few things here and there over the past month or so that will certainly be coming with me to the east coast.

Here’s what will definitely be in my suitcase:


  • Dolce Vita Wedges - remember when I impulsively bought these in coral? Well, they fast became my favorite going-out shoe... so when I saw them in magenta, I had to snap them up!
  • J.Crew Striped Swing Sweater - so comfy. I own this in grey/white as well as this caramel/white combo.
  • Zara Metallic Sweater - it looks gold in this picture, but mine is more silver. I will be wearing this with black skinny jeans and a white tank.
  • Diane Von Furstenberg Squaretan Dress - to be worn over tights and heels or leggings and flats. Mine is black - so versatile!
  • DKNY Eyeglasses - my prescription recently changed, so when I went to change my lenses, I got a new pair of glasses too. I’ve been getting so many compliments on these - everyone loves the turquoise inside!
  • Chanel Peridot Nail Polish - mine lasted for FIFTEEN DAYS without a single chip!

I don’t leave until NEXT Wednesday, but can you tell I’m excited? The next week will be busy with lots of fun plans, so I’m glad I’m thinking ahead!

What about you - traveling anywhere for Thanksgiving? What will you be packing?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out & About in Pictures!

I always read blogs that have these fun little collages of iPhone pictures, taken while their owners are out and about having fun. Now that I am the owner of a beautiful iPhone 4S myself, I can finally participate in this phenomenon! Here are some of the pictures that I’ve taken recently:


Rami’s best friend and his wife had a baby last week. Isn’t she beautiful? I have to admit, my heart (and my ovaries) may have melted a little bit when I saw how cute and tiny she was in his arms.


Fact: I stopped dead in my tracks and said “Oooooh!” out loud in the middle of Bloomingdales when I caught sight of these insane Brian Atwood heels.


Every week, I spend a few glorious hours with one of my besties and her insanely adorable child. Baby E is nine months old (today!) and an absolute HAM! Here he is, all dressed up in khakis, a polo shirt, and a new hoodie, making me laugh at brunch last Sunday. I can’t stop looking at this picture!


So we all know that I am majorly obsessed with Top Chef. A few months ago, Season 6 winner Michael Voltaggio opened his new restaurant, ink., in LA. After weeks of trying to get a reservation, I met a friend for dinner there last Thursday and it was PURE INSANITY. We ordered a ton of small plates and shared them - everything was delicious, interesting, and inventive. This dish is sea bass with cream of dehydrated potato, black olive oil, and lemon and capers - gorgeous, right? I can’t wait to go back!


Mindy Kaling tweeted that signed copies of her brand new book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), were available at Barnes & Noble at the Grove. You better believe I ran right over and snapped one up! I’m halfway done with it and have laughed out loud at least sixteen times. Pretty sure she is my lady soulmate.

Hope you enjoyed this little photo roundup - I think it may become a regular thing around here :) Happy Tuesday to all of you!

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Very First Inspiration Board!

Okay! It’s the start of a new week and we’re going to do something a little different around here.

Remember how I mentioned that I love reading interior design blogs? I meant it. They’re actually my favorite kinds of blogs to read. I get SO inspired from seeing the beautiful pieces that people choose to surround themselves with in their homes – it makes me want to run around my apartment redecorating the whole thing all over again!

One of my favorite things to look at on interior design blogs is inspiration boards – collages where the blogger arranges the pieces of furniture, art, rugs, lamps, etc, to see what a potential future room would look like with all the elements in one space. In fact, I like looking at them so much that I decided to make my own!

So, without further ado, here’s my very first inspiration board:

leopard living room

The cool thing about this one is that it includes a lot of things I already own! I have the brown round chair (Z.Gallerie), the brown couch (Living Spaces), the Morrocan side table (Target – mine is black), the hanging floor lamp (IKEA), the gold pouf (Calypso for Target), and the leopard rug (Overstock). All of these pieces together cost me less than $2,000, and I accumulated them over time.

Which means the only new things in this photo are the pillows (white Mongolian pillows from West Elm, black and white spotted pillows from Furbish), mirrors (sold individually from Walmart, of all places!), table lamp (Jonathan Adler), and the Parsons coffee table (West Elm). For these new items, I purposely chose pieces that are available online and therefore accessible to everyone, no matter where you live, as well as very affordable (okay, I tossed in ONE semi-expensive thing – that Jonathan Adler lamp. Come on!)

Funny story: I would like to point out that right after I made this, I got so excited I immediately emailed it to my boyfriend, and then picked up the phone to call him so I could hear his reaction.

Dead silence. And then… “Babe, it’s great! I like it a lot. But… what’s with the leopard?”

WHAT’S WITH THE LEOPARD?! I don’t even understand the question! Who does he think he’s dealing with? :) “Leopard is essential to my happiness!” I told him. He sighed and changed the subject.

So now we know how HE feels. But I’d love to know what YOU think! Would you like to see more home d├ęcor inspiration boards on the blog? I had so much fun making it… I’ll even make YOU one if you want!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Live Colorfully!

I trust you are all familiar with the Kate Spade “LIVE COLORFULLY” campaign? For the past year, the brilliant minds at Kate Spade have designated each month as a specific color, and at the beginning of each month they have released a bunch of items in that month’s corresponding color.


Such a genius idea, no? (Does it come as ANY SURPRISE that my favorite month was February, when the featured color was pink?!) They’ve done every gorgeous color and now that the year is almost ever, guess what color they’ve chosen for December?

MULTICOLOR! AKA rainbows. My heart is exploding with sparkles and love. I am drooling over every single thing on their website right now. Yall NEED to check it out!


I have a feeling that every single one of these could easily make their way onto my Hanukkah Wish List (coming soon to this blog!). I love it all - from the coasters to the makeup bags to the purses to the jewelry:


Oh, and in case none of those do it for you - how about THIS?


Pure gorgeousness. Heaven in dress form. Polka dots AND rainbows?! I wouldn’t be surprised if my name was already sewn into the label.

In short: there is rainbow amazingness all over Kate Spade’s website and I am in love. What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Here's to an amazing, COLORFUL weekend :) and happy 11/11/11!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Entertaining with the Queen

If there’s one thing Ellen “Martha Jewart” Silverman taught me, it’s how to throw a party. Whether it’s for a couple girlfriends over for a casual bowl of pasta on a weeknight or a serious sit-down dinner bash, I love having people over and having the opportunity to cook and entertain for them :)

Lately, I’ve been hosting dinners at my house once a week or so. My friends come over, we all chip in and help make some yummy stuff, and sit down to enjoy! Rami and I have also been trying to eat healthy, so instead of going out, most nights I try to cook when he’s over.

To be honest, though – it doesn’t really matter what you serve, as long as you serve it up nice :) Even when I am too lazy to cook and call for takeout, or order a catered meal for a big Shabbat dinner for 25, I always make sure to take the time and set a nice table and re-plate all the food on nice dishware and serving pieces. It takes just a few extra minutes and really makes everything look so special – even if it’s just beef and broccoli from the Chinese place down the street!

With the holidays coming up, I thought I’d share some serving pieces I’ve found online that I think are perfect for future parties. I’m already planning my next one and can’t wait to pick some of these up to add to my collection!


One of my favorite things to make – and eat – is the classic tomato/mozzarella salad. When I have a big group over, I make my own skewers and prop them up in a vase, but if I ordered this clever little toothpick holder, I think it’d be a big hit! I’m already imagining the possibilities! ($44)


Take your spaghetti right out of the pot or display your roasted chicken in the middle – everything looks better on a platter. This one is basic with a little flair (love the ruffle!). Buy a couple and fill them up! ($24.95)


How pretty and bright are these glass bottles? They are perfect for adding a pop of color to a bar or table – fill them up with water or iced tea!


I own this 3-tiered platter and get a TON of use out of it. I like to make different kinds of bruschetta – some with tomato, some with garlic, some with olive tapenade – and put each kind on its own tier. Then, after they’re all eaten, I wash the little plates off just in time for dessert, and fill it with cookies or brownies! ($30)


It should come to no surprise to any of you that my mother, Miss Jewart herself, owns these cake plates – the gem embellishments are right up her alley! I am in the market for some cake plates and may need to snap these up when they’re back in stock – they come in a set of three, all different sizes. ($119.99)

Platters and trays and dishes, oh my! I’m so inspired now – I may need to throw a party!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby It's (Kinda) Cold Outside

Sorry for my absence! The royal household was experiencing some minor technical difficulties, but everything is OK now.

Anyway! Onto more important things. Cold weather has FINALLY come to Los Angeles! For months I have been envious of everyone on the East Coast, bundling up in cute jackets and scarves and boots, while I continued to wear sundresses and sandals to work every day and tanks and jean shorts on weekends.

But no longer! Temperatures have finally dropped in LA – it even rained over the weekend. Yesterday I wore a scarf, tights, AND a leather jacket :) hooray!

In honor of the weather (and in preparation for my upcoming trip to New York in a couple weeks – more on that later!), here are some cold-weather choices that I have my eye on…


Sweaters - just looking at these is making me want to put one on... instant coziness! Patterned, plaid, striped, solid... I can’t get enough.

L to R: J.Crew, Sonia Rykiel, Wildfox Couture, Zara


Vests - I’m loving fur vests,

both for the glamorous look they add as well as for warmth!

L to R: Aqua, DKNY, Hawke & Co


Coats - specifically, TOGGLE coats.

I love the classy yet sporty vibe toggles add to a winter coat!

L to R: Burberry, Guess, Marc New York, Calvin Klein


Scarves - the perfect finishing touch! Throw one one to spice up any outfit.

Clockwise from top left: DVF, Marc Jacobs, David & Young,

Alexander McQueen, Helmut Lang, Tolani

What do you think? Any of these look warm enough for wherever you live? What are you currently bundling up in?

(Fingers crossed the cold weather stays long enough for me to actually buy and wear one of these cute things!)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Apartment 48 Finds

I love when I’m reading a favorite blog and I get introduced to a new product - or better, a new shopping destination! I can’t remember who first linked to Apartment 48, but as soon as I clicked through, I was smitten.

Apartment 48 is one of those cool online stores that has a small yet freaking awesome collection of stuff - I clicked through every page and oohed and aahed over nearly everything.

Admittedly, their furniture is pricey, but they have plenty of reasonably priced kitchenware, accessories, toys, candles, and other goodies. I took a look through and picked out some of my favorites - all under $100!


Did yall know I collect picture frames? I’m always on the lookout for interesting ones to add to my collection. These frames are covered in rainbow colored pencils - so clever! (Small - $28, large - $45)


I could see my sister loving this shiny gold skull. I think she’d put it on her console table - your eye would go right to it as soon as you walked into her apartment! A little bold, a little bad-ass. ($100)


We all know I love a good tray. This bamboo one has a gorgeous lacquer finish and comes in three pretty colors - grey, blue, and white. Sometimes big trays like this can be expensive, but this one is only $56!


Sure, you could put your drink on that tray above, but what about a gorgeous agate coaster set? I love agate - the ripples and marbling in these muted coasters are beautiful. The set of six costs $85 - a perfect housewarming gift.


Now that I’ve seen this awesome striped cutting board, I’ll never be able to look at my boring white one the same way again. I LOVE the idea of making something so basic into a little piece of art. May need to pick this one up and bring it to live in my kitchen! ($38)


I LOVE SUZANIS AND SUZANI PRINT ANYTHING! This hot pink plate is ADORABLE and only $15! For $15, I could buy HUNDREDS and cover my walls with them. Don't laugh, I really might do it :)

Like these picks? Go check out Apartment 48’s online store - the holidays are coming up... pick up a gift while you’re there and tell me what you got!

Note: this is NOT a sponsored post. I just think this website has really cute stuff! :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Foodie Freakout

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. Tonight is the premiere of Top Chef: Texas!

As we all know, I am a BIG fan of the following: reality television, delicious food, and being competitive :) Put them all together in one package and you KNOW I am all about it!


Top Chef is HANDS DOWN my favorite reality TV show – I wait impatiently all week for each new episode. I have seen every single episode of every single season (for all my fellow fans out there, how AMAZING was Top Chef All Stars?!), and I make it a point to eat at any former contestant or judge’s restaurant whenever I can – I’ve been to dozens! (In related news, I am super excited for my meal next week at ink., the brand-new restaurant from Top Chef Season 6 winner Michael Voltaggio!)

I’m so excited to learn more about all the new contestants. I can’t wait to see Tom, Padma, Gail, and all the other famous chefs who will be making guest appearances as judges this season. And of course, I am already drooling in anticipation of all the delicious food the “cheftestants” will be cooking!


The best part? This season is set in TEXAS, one of my favorite places on the planet :) Can’t wait for a whole lot of Padma saying “Yall!” and a whole lot of southern food!

Are any of you fans of Top Chef? Will you be riveted to the TV too?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Golden Girl

How insane are my nails?

They’re painted in Chanel Peridot - a bright, shiny, greenish gold. I can’t stop looking at them! In real life, they’re so bright it looks like they’re covered in gold leaf. I may not have dressed up for Halloween this year (sore subject!), but my nails sure look festive :)

Here are a few other gold things I’m loving lately!


There are plenty of gold earrings in the world, but something about the intricate beading on this Anthropologie pair really drew me in. They’re slightly Indian/Moroccan-inspired, which I love - I could totally see myself throwing these on all the time! ($48)

This Elizabeth and James blouse is SICK. The four year old ballerina in me cannot get enough of gold lame, and this shirt is equal parts business and hardcore badass! ($295)


How cool are these hammered gold glasses from Z.Gallerie? As a non-drinker, I could take or leave the goblets, but I sure am loving these elegant highball glasses. Best part - each set is under $40!

I’ve blogged about these J.Crew ballet flats before (I own them, too!), but have yall seen their awesome gold glitter loafer? This is one trend I can’t pull off (thank God I know myself well enough not to even bother trying), but that doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t get them! ($215)

As of a few months ago, Jen Ramos’ famous LOVE print is now available in gold, in addition to a whole slew of other gorgeous colors! I’ve always admired this Made By Girl print, and the gold foil letters really take it to a whole other level. ($35)


Is there a reason why these Miu Miu shoes are not in my closet? If there is, I do not know what it is. I love the thick sturdy heel and cap-toe detail... and HELLO! Gold GLITTER! ($650)

My last name might be Silverman, but sometimes, I’m a gold girl through and through :)