Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Almost Schmidt Myself

A couple days ago, I got to experience one of the coolest things LA has to offer - Paley Fest!

The concept of Paley Fest is so fun. Every year, The Paley Center for Media hosts a series where the public can buy tickets to different panel discussions with the stars and creative teams of popular and critically acclaimed TV shows. Being a huge fan of television, Greene Bean was all over it. The day before tickets went on sale, she had it all planned out, and snapped up primo tickets for me, her, and Rami to go see THE NEW GIRL!


The New Girl is probably my favorite new show. I love Zooey Deschanel and her kooky, zany adorableness. But by far the breakout star of the show is Max Greenfield, who plays her douchebaggy yet adorable roommate Schmidt.

I LOVE SCHMIDT. I die laughing over every single thing that comes out of his mouth. It was a no brainer to go to this Paley Fest! And so on Monday night the three of us enjoyed nearly two hours of hilarity at the show. We got to see the brand-new episode before it came out and watch the cast banter, joke, and tease each other. It was fantastic!

Before the cast came out on stage, the show's creator came out to introduce herself. Liz Meriwether is, in a word, Jess - meaning the character that Zooey plays on The New Girl. She's quirky and funny and sarcastic and smart - I loved hearing her speak.


And then the whole cast came out! Their comfort with each other is so apparent. It really seemed like they enjoyed each other's company and liked coming to work. I was so happy.


And how precious is Zooey? I want to be her friend!


But by far the highlight of the entire evening was anytime Max Greenfield opened his mouth. He is just as funny and adorable as he is on the show. Being from LA, I pride myself in staying cool over celebrities, especially when I see them in real life. But I couldn't help myself - I was shrieking and wiggling in my seat like a middle school girl. Rami kept shushing me and telling me I needed to behave - the people behind me were giving me dirty looks as I shouted "Schmidt, Schmidt, I love you!" over and over again.


Look at that face! LOOK AT HIM!

After the panel discussion, they opened it up for an audience Q&A. Yall, for once in my life, my big mouth failed me. For the life of me I could not raise my hand to ask a question - and of course, I had SUCH a good one! (For those of you familiar with the show - I wanted to ask Max if HE came up with the idea to call chutney "chut-eh-ney" or if the word was written that way.) I don't know what happened to me but I was too shy :( I'm already mad at myself!

Here we are outside the theater after the show:

outside paley fest

Do I look happy? Because I was. I was Schmidting myself!

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Alyze said...

I don't watch New Girl. Sad. But now I want to...I think we need a 3rd DVR though because ABC Family/Bravo currently take up 99% of the space of our current DVR(s). This looked so fun though, I am jealous. I wish Staten Island would have this. They could do like Mob Wives, Jersey Shore, and such. You could come too!