Friday, March 2, 2012

Some Jews CAN Pull Off Cowboys Hats!

Time flies, yall. A full week ago Rami and I packed up our suitcases and flew to Dallas to celebrate the engagement of these crazy kids!


As I mentioned last week - Rami had never been to Texas before! From the moment we landed at the airport to the moment we got on the plane to head back home, the entire weekend was dedicated to making sure he experienced all the South has to offer - food, fun, and friends included!


We toured the Fort Worth Stockyards so Rami could see some real live cattle:


He was more interested in buying a cowboy hat. The boy does love a prop. This hat was the first one he tried on and it looked so good we bought it!


While we were at the stockyards, our group happened upon a mechanical bull! It only took about forty-three seconds of peer pressure before Rami decided to take the plunge. I literally turned my back for an instant and when I turned around, he was hopping onto the bull. He rode it for 10 seconds! Impressed is an understatement! (Also I find this photo very sexy and may have called him "cowboy" the rest of the weekend. Don't judge me.)


The party was amazing. Gerrick's sister Jessica did a phenomenal job - the private room at Joe T Garcia's was so cute and she decorated it with pinatas wearing wedding veils and bowties! It was so fun - now everyone is SO pumped for the wedding itself! And how cute is this - every single one of Gerrick's bridesmaids came in town to celebrate. Aren't we cute?!


Speaking of cute, I love this picture of me and the soon-to-be bride. Framer for sure!


You could tell time by how predictable Gerrick is. No gathering is complete without her shouting for everyone to gather round for an entire group picture!


I had to include this picture... I call this "BABE WAKE UP WE HAVE A CHILD NOW!" (I "borrowed" Daniel's sister Sharon's baby Eli to have a little fun...) :)


We had so much fun over the weekend that I barely took any pictures. In addition to all the shenanigans above, we also had a big group brunch, took Rami for his first real Texas barbeque experience, visited Swoozies, toured the Six Floor Museum at the Dallas Book Depository to learn more about the JFK assassination, and of course, enjoyed our first Oscars together. While we watched, Daniel cooked us a SIX COURSE MEAL! How many of you can say you enjoyed the talents of your own personal private chef while watching Billy Crystal sing/dance/bomb?


Spicy shrimp & grits. He also made a Thai pizza, roasted artichokes with homemade ponzu mayo, bacon-wrapped dates, and Asian chicken with roasted brussel sprouts. INSANE!

I'm seriously sad to be home - it was such a great time. In almost four months exactly, we'll be back in Dallas - this time for their WEDDING. I cannot wait!!!


Alyze said...


I'm glad you had fun in Texas. I love the cowboy hats, and I love the photo of you guys almost kissing in your hats. It's kind of like a hetero Brokeback Mountain moment and I love it. I also love the dress you wore to the party and that baby is a doll. Love. I'm full of love today! Must be the tan soaking through to my brain.

Erika [small shop] said...

Your post title is cracking me up! Looks like a blast. I've only been to TX once and it was for a soccer tournament many moons ago! I'd love to go back, especially to Dallas!