Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Urban Steps It Up

In college, there was no place I loved more than Urban Outfitters. There was one located a block away from my dorm room – I literally had to walk 300 feet and I was there. Whenever I was homesick – which was probably every other day my freshman year – too often I’d take a walk to clear my mind, and end up in front of their big brass doors.

OH did I spend my (parents’) money there. I bought frilly little miniskirts and lace tops and neon headbands and “vintage” sweatshirts and jelly sandals that I wore twice before getting sick of them. When I moved out of the dorm, I probably gave away or donated six trash bags full of Urban goods – disposable clothing, if you will. And so in recent years, UO has not really been on my radar that much. If a friend needs to go, occasionally I’ll tag along, but I haven’t bought anything from them in years – it’s just not my favorite shopping destination anymore.

HOWEVER. In recent months I have become aware that Urban has seriously stepped up their game in the home décor category. As someone who literally mentally redecorates her apartment every single day and is ALSO on a budget, their low prices really appeal to me – and their stuff lately has been SO CUTE!

Case in point: their rugs. Whoever is in charge of rug design at Urban Outfitters headquarters is KILLING IT. I want every single one. I think these would look fantastic in an entryway or in a basic kitchen to completely transform and brighten up the space!


I am also not hating their bedding. I have a very intense and dramatic relationship with duvets and quilts (read: I fall in love with a new one approximately every other month, buy it, open it, hate it, and never return it. My mother could kill me right now.) but I am really feeling these colorful options:


Truth be told, as I get older, it’s tempting to buy every single piece of furniture I like, especially ones with a low price tag, but in my attempt to slowly build up a collection of pieces that I’ll be able to hang onto and use in my future homes forever, I have been really making an effort to cut back. I do, however, really like a lot of the furniture Urban has been putting out – if I had been decorating my house as a senior NOW, you better believe I’d be snapping these pieces up!


Thoughts on these pieces? Did you OD on Urban as a teenager or college student? What do you think of their stuff now?


Ryann said...

i love urban!! i just got miss blue bonnet's rug from there- the teal zig zag one!

yoga and yogurt said...

havent been in there in a long time! oh the days of walking there from coronado! love it though!

Suzie Thomas said...

You could decide that you do not want to remodel your kitchen countertops, and would rather just focus on a particular part of it, such as your worktops or floor. Or you could go for redecorating the kitchen and see how this looks. I don know that you will ever be able to avoid this completely, but if you create an area for tools it will help a great deal.

Alyze said...

I've been debating whether or not to post this because I feel kind of embarassed and inadequate...

...I've never been to an Urban Outfitters. This makes me reexamine my priorities in life. I hope Staten Island has one so I can remedy this soon. Hope we're still IBFFL.