Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let's Comparison Shop: Jewelry

As I'm sure you all have figured out by now, I did NOT win the lottery last week. BOO.

I really thought this was it, yall! I figured I'd quit my job and travel around the world and take cooking classes and get super tan and treat my friends to fancy meals and buy a huge apartment and decorate it with all the chevron-printed nonsense I could find. I'd blog it all so you could see, too. And of course, I'd shop. I'd shop and shop and shop til I couldn't shop any more!

But alas my numbers were not chosen and my dreams will remain dreams (for now). However, that doesn't mean I can't shop. It just means I'll have to do it on a slightly smaller budget :)

Jewelry is a funny thing - diamonds are always nice, don't get me wrong, but sometimes you want to mix it up and try something funkier - without the designer price tag! So once again, using the lessons I acquired at birth as the child of Ellen Silverman, I've hunted down some bling-y bargains, scores, and knockoffs that might interest you. I know they interest me!


Is this trend a little out of your comfort zone? No need to make a big investment in a piece you're not sure you'll wear forever - less than $25 will get you the same look!


Whoa - BIG difference in price! I wouldn't mind saving more than $435 on a single piece!


Another example of a budget buy that will let you try out a funkier piece without pricetag guilt!


Steal: Caribe Round Druzy Ring - $37.49
Who knew sold jewelry? Not me! This is an almost identical look for barely half the price!

Not bad alternatives, right? I personally am allllll about the safety pin studs (had a pair a while ago, can't find them anywhere!) and you know I love me a tassel. May need to pick some of these up!

P.S. I'm considering making these "Comparison Shop" posts a regular thing- let me know if I can help you track down something you love for less!


Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Great finds! I was looking at those safety pin earrings at Nordstrom and was a little obsessed. Glad to know there is a more affordable option!

Alyson said...

Love that last druzy ring! Have to admit I'm not sure I'm feeling the safety pins but give me a few months and I'm sure I'll come around. Have the best time in NY!!