Thursday, June 14, 2012

Out & About, Instagram Style: June!

I freaking LOVE Instagram. It's so fun being able to scroll through and see what my real life friends, celebrities, and blog besties are up to (yes I know that's what Twitter does too but Instagram is prettier!)

Here's a little sneak peek into what I've been up to lately, through the eyes of my iPhone :)

Last week I hit up the Splendid/Ella Moss sample sale downtown. It was held in a giant warehouse and let me tell you - bitches were SCAVENGING. It was crazy and very disorganized (little kids shirts next to men's pants, tons of clothes on the floor, no one around to ask for help) but I came away with some good stuff - I got this dress in a fuchsia maxi version, this tunic in bright green, and this cardigan in burnt orange - all for less than $80! #majorscore 

sample sale

On Tuesday night GB and Ram came over for dinner and I whipped up some pesto shrimp (using this recipe - just as good with shrimp! Email me if you want the full recipe), couscous, and my usual tomato & mozzarella salad...but this time I added cubed avocado and tossed it with balsamic glaze and truffle oil! Um... unreal. Y'all need to run out RIGHT NOW and buy truffle oil right now... Ram got it for me at Whole Foods and it is seriously insane. 

tomato salad

A friend of mine was having a rough week so she asked to borrow some chickflicks... I brought her these three (including my favorite ever, Mean Girls) but while I was collecting these from here I realized that I only own chickflicks! Bring It On, Cruel Intentions, 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless, Notting Hill, Romy & Michelle, Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, Center Stage... you get the picture.


On our way to the movies over the weekend Ram and I walked by a Mrs. Fields and this was in the window... I laughed out loud. And then instantly wanted a piece of cookie cake. In college it was our GO-TO -- anytime anyone had a birthday celebration we would get one. Mmmm! 


I am so NOT into the idea of sneakers but I can get down with an espadrille... especially if its covered in glitter. How do I not own these already? J.Crew, you are killing my credit card.

jcrew glitter

Speaking of glitter... I would just like to post this on the blog since it could basically be my life motto. Glitter IS one of my favorite colors and as I told my friend Nicolette yesterday -- i consider it a neutral! 


Gotta love Instagram. Are we following each other yet?! Leave me a comment with your name and go look me up. I'm @queenjord, obviously :)


Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Glitter and Leopard - def two of my favorite neutrals!

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

Glitter and Leopard, yes please!

Xo Megan

Ryann said...

now i'm hungry for cookie cake :) need those glitter shoes!

Jayme said...

Follow me if you'd like - @jaymeevans

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

I love every single pic. I took a screen shot of your salad as a reminder to make next week. We obvi have the same taste in movies, you mentioned my collection. Haha. That cake is AWESOME!and glitter and leopard are the best colors ever ;)

And Instagram is a way prettier twitter. Love that analogy!