Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Prettiest Backyard Party

On Sunday night Martha Jewart hosted a party in our backyard, and ohhhhh was it a sight to see!


The party was a fundraiser for our synagogue and if I may brag, she went above and beyond. Aside from the beautiful-ness happening in our backyard, there was a private chef indoors cooking farm-to-table family style dishes - needless to say, I was fainting!

On the menu… radishes with butter & salt, tricolor roasted cauliflower salad with pine nuts, roasted carrots with blood orange, lemon zest & ricotta stuffed squash blossoms (I helped stuff these!), roasted garlic mushrooms, sauteed dandelion green salad with goat cheese and hand-torn croutons, Caesar salad with homemade dressing, parmesan cheese crisps and a fried egg, homemade whole wheat pasta with basil and fresh sugar snap peas, and the piece de resistance, salt & pepper roasted fennel crusted swordfish. UNREAL.




Clearly I was too busy eating to take pictures of everything. Oops. Anyway - I have no idea how we found room for dessert, but the fact that it was a homemade strawberry/raspberry crumble may have had something to do with it:


And that’s just what the chef made. Of course Martha Jewart had to contribute, too – she proudly set out her new vegetable trays, fresh dips, and cheese platters with the world’s largest piece of brie :)



Ram played bartender. He’s the cutest!


Silverman ladies in our statement necklaces. When I was in Vegas my mom “borrowed” my brand new neon Baublebar necklace – needless to say, I made her hand it over at the end of the night!


My mother’s slightly OCD tendencies coupled with her habit of going over the top (and extreme love for a good tablescape) was clearly in effect here. As I walked around chatting with people, the number one thing I heard them comment about was not about the delicious food (though it was) or the beautiful flowers (though they were) or even the fun crowd (though it was). No, everyone was amazed by her place settings!  Here’s a close up so you can see…


I asked her where she got everything… I shouldn’t have been surprised by her answer – every single piece was her own, she didn’t have to buy a single new thing! White tablecloth + silver charger + glass plates + fun goblets + colorful napkins + beautiful napkin rings + a special candelabra + a huge bouquet of flowers = the prettiest dinner party I ever did see!

Great job Mommy! You're the best hostess I know!


Michelle said...

Very pretty!

Alyson said...

gorgeous, and that salad looks UNREAL! Plus, you are so stinkin' cute. xo

Diana M. said...

Omigosh! Amazing! Beautiful setting and that food looks and sounds incredible!! And squash blossoms are one of my all-time favorites! Wow!

Buzzjack said...

I want your mommy to adopt me..... Pllease

Ryann said...

i love your mom and your backyard!!!!

cara said...

unreal is right!! i will donate to the temple next year if i get an invite. the food and table settings look amazing!

morganvsmorgan said...

WOW, that is absolutely AMAZING. I'm hire your mother as a party planner ANY day.

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Martha Jewart?? I am STILL laughing! The set up is GORGEOUS. Looks like you had a blast!


I know someone who works at Baublebar...just sayin'
Also can you believe you have gotten to see the cuties in person?