Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Early Happy Birthday To Me!

Every year I make it a point to treat myself to something special on my birthday. Don't get me wrong, I looooooooove getting gifts from family and friends (keep it coming yall AHEM), but there's something special about a gift you give yourself :) It's like a little acknowledgement - "Hey self! We made it through another year! We did it!"

I'm a dork. ANYWAY.

Usually I buy myself something I've been lusting over in stores or online, but last year I needed a vacation like nobody's business so I booked us a stay at The Parker Palm Springs the weekend before my birthday. Ram and I had a great time swimming, lounging, and eating at Mister Parker's every night. It was a great early birthday present!


The year before that I was shopping at Anthropologie in Santa Monica with Anna and GB a few weeks before my birthday when just for fun, I saw a little leather jacket on the rack and pulled it off to try it on. OMG. It fit like a glove and was SO sexy and chic. I went straight to an ATM and practically ran back to the store to buy it. This Helmut one is very similar - gorgeous right?!


Going back even further, the year before that I was in New York with my family right around my birthday and before the plane had even touched down I knew exactly what I was going to be buying myself. This was right around the time that I first got into interior design and as such, we spent an entire afternoon at ABC Home picking out a gorgeous Madeline Weinrib rug! I ended up choosing the Megan flatweave in turquoise, which isn't available anymore, but rest assured it's a work of art.
(Sidenote: if you are thinking of getting a MW rug PLEASE email me first. They are indeed works of art... and indeed NOT the best quality, in my opinion. My rug never laid flat for even a single day.)


So you're probably wondering why we're talking about my little birthday treats to myself, aren't you? Well, yesterday I bought my 27th birthday present to myself!


I have been drooling over the J.Crew Telegram suede hobo since it first hit the internet. Available in bright blue and a gorgeous dusty beige, it's the perfect size, perfectly lightweight, and at nearly $300, way more than I wanted to spend this year (I'm very busy decorating a new apartment, remember!?) So I waited patiently. And sure enough, the bag went on sale last week - to $199! Knowing how J.Crew sales usually work, I decided to hold out a little longer... and just as I suspected, this morning I was greeted with a "Take an extra 30% off your sale item" code in my email. Bingo! Of course by then, the bags were sold out online - but like a good little detective, I immediately called J.Crew Corporate, who told me that my local store had three in stock. I ran over there on my lunch break and to my surprise, the sales associate even took my college ID (I KNOW, SHHH!) for an additional 15% off discount! Do you math whizzes realize what that means?


That's right, mama got herself a brand new bag for less than $120. I can't wait to use it! Happy early birthday to me!


Anna said...

Happy early birthday, awesome bag...and you deserve it, we all need to treat ourselves every once in a while!

Also--I have that same quatrefoil bedspread, love it!

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Happy early birthday, Jordan! I LOVE that bag - lucky you! xoxoxo

cara said...

love it! such a smart shopper!

Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

best birthday bag ever!
Xo Megan