Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Out & About, Instagram Style: August

Last time I posted a little Instagram roundup, I included pictures of food, some recent Home Goods finds, and a shot of my pool. I'm realizing that today's haul is not so different... oops! Hope you enjoy them anyway!

Over the weekend we had people over for the first time! A dozen of our friends came over for game night and we had a great time. I served chicken parmesan, salad, and spaghetti with meatballs & vodka sauce and plenty of wine - we played with a cute baby and split into teams for a round of Celebrity and had a great time!


What with the move, lately I've been hitting up Home Goods like it is my JOB. They actually just opened a new one by my mom's house - when we walked in the door, I actually let out a shriek and gasped out loud upon laying eyes on this hot pink armchair. No matter how much I begged, my mom refused to buy it - for me OR for her. I hope someone has given it a good home by now, it was gorgeous!


A couple days ago I was in the mall with my mom and just for fun, tried on this fun pair of boots from Aldo. How awesome is the glitter?! They also come in black but I loved the beige/gold so much I had to snap them up!


The cutest housewarming present from a dear friend - initial mugs from Anthropologie!


It has been RELENTLESSLY hot in Los Angeles. When my sister was in town a few weeks ago, we wanted to lay in the pool - but had to wait until almost 6pm for it to cool off enough for us to even go outside! 

Remember my Fancy Pants Dinner Club post? Well, my partner-in-crime Daniel graduated law school earlier this year and moved to New York. I miss him a ton, but luckily we got to see each other and catch up last week when he came home for a quick visit - we went to Rustic Canyon for an early birthday celebration (he's 10 days older than me) and it was delicious. We loved this fig and ricotta crostini!


For months I had been drooling over the Dannijo Hixson collar, but for almost $800 it was SOOOO not in my budget! God bless eBay - this knockoff is nearly identical and cost me $11.99. For that price, I bought TWO!!!


I've said it before but I'll say it again - Instagram is so much fun!
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Diana M. said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing! :-)

And WHERE is this new Home Goods? I just checked their store locator and found nothing! Did they open a store and not update their site??

Let me know if you have any time for lunch soon, birthday girl!