Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Girl

I know I said I was back last week and then disappeared but now I'm really back. Hellooooo everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing weekend. Mine was very nice and VERY relaxing. It was nice to have a few days to relax in our new place instead of running around and unpacking every single thing I own/had wedged into one of approximately 500 boxes.  

Here are some highlights to share with you...

On Friday I came home with grand plans to take a nap - and then abandoned those plans because I felt the "creative spark" and had to capitalize on it immediately. Here's the thing - a few days before we found our new apartment and signed the lease, I had decided I was going to take up painting, and went out and bought lots of acrylic paints and canvases and fancy brushes for my new hobby. And then we got our new place and had to move in three weeks and I abandoned all fun extracurriculars in order to pack up my life and never got to try out my new paints.


So on Friday I came home, and had nowhere to be, so I decided to break out my paints. Finally! I have been loving abstract art in a million different ways (see my "Deck The Walls" art board on Pinterest) so that's what I'm going for. I promise I'll show you what I end up with!

Friday night Ramekin surprised me the best thing ever. He had made reservations at Benihana!!! I was OVERJOYED. Hear me out: when I was little, for my birthday or my sister's birthday every year our family would go to Benihana to celebrate. I have not been in YEARS and for the past six months I have been bugging Ram that I wanted to go there for date night. So we went. And YALL. IT WAS AMAZING. Everything was just as good as I remembered it from when I was little - I loved the soup and the shrimp appetizer and the ginger dressing and the THEATER OF IT ALL. 


Like the FAMED onion volcano!

And then our lovely chef spelled the word LOVE out of fried rice (which, incidentally, was freaking DELICIOUS.) I was freaking out the whole time. R had to tell me to calm down like 9281701 times. I CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK.


On Saturday my lovely mother accompanied me to everyone's favorite Swedish house of love, IKEA, where I purchased a new bookcase, several picture frames for the vintage posters I just ordered (more on that soon if you're interested!), and some other Swedish nonsense. Here is Martha Jewart lounging in one of IKEA's new chair offerings - shockingly comfortable!


When I came home with the bookcase Ram got right to work building it - he is surprisingly handy and had the whole thing done in less than a half hour! I was very impressed... and immediately set to work decorating it with plants and leopard print vases and coffee table books and picture frames. I promise photos soon!


The rest of the weekend packed in a lovely blur of garlic knots at Milo & Olive and sleeping late and brunch with Ram's mom and a quick jaunt to the Farmer's Market for flowers and pesto and fresh heirloom tomatoes and a few hours lounging in my pool reading People Magazine... and then my mother "convinced me" (ie, suggested and I leapt into the car) to accompany her to the brand new Home Goods that just opened up. AKA my favorite place on earth. We walked in and this was in front of our faces:


ARE YOU KIDDING ME. ONE WEEK AFTER I MOVE IN WITH A BOY THE UNIVERSE DECIDES TO WAVE A HOT PINK TUFTED NAILHEAD CHAIR IN FRONT OF MY FACE?!?!?!?! I nearly fell on the floor in a dead faint. I begged my mom to get it for herself but alas, hot pink is just not her color. If any of you get it I will DIE of jealousy. It is everything!!!!

I didn't leave HG empty handed - I scored two AMAZING colorful Chinese ceramic lamps that are EXACTLY what I've been admiring in a million design mags and blogs... for $39 each! Here is one of them perched on my OTHER amazing HG score... a gold/glass console table with amazing detailing!!!


 I swear to God, Home Goods is my JAM. I find the best stuff there! The lamp and console table are in our bedroom on a side wall - now I have to find an awesome gold mirror to go above it and zhush it up with some better art/picture frames. Those are just placeholders for now - although I think I may keep my little mini collection of colorful milk glass vases (on the far left). What do you think?

Annnnnnd that was my weekend! Pretty nice if you ask me :) I'm already counting down to the next one!


Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

You really are the cutest! You are always so excited and it is infectious! Love your finds, love HG and cannot wait to see pics of your new home! XO

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I am so jealous of your finds. I would love that chair, but I can't imagine the look on TLS's face if I brought home something like that. That console table is perfect. I have always wanted to go to Home Goods.

best of luck to you in the move