Monday, September 24, 2012

A Week Til Paradise!

I am so excited I can barely contain myself. I know I travel a lot and I'm very lucky enough to go on lots of fun trips but I am FREAKISHLY excited for this next one...

A week from today, my mom and I are going to HAWAII!!!!


Maui, to be exact. For a whole week! AH!!! 

With all the Jewish holidays coming up it seemed silly not to take advantage of all those days off from work and go somewhere fabulous. When I was little my family used to go to Hawaii every summer and I have nothing but wonderful memories of the entire place. I can't wait to do nothing but lay on the beach, read lots of books, swim in the ocean, eat delicious seafood, and of course, get lots of sun. My tan needs some work!


Unfortunately, Bailey J cannot come because it is Fashion Week and she has to work, and Ramekin is being left behind as well. So it's just the two of us - a little mother-daughter trip!

Here are some of the things I've been drooling over online that I'd love to pack in my suitcase. 
A girl can dream!


Clockwise from top left:
Love these wedges - yellow leather and stripes for only $35!
This green sarong is awesome. It would also look great wrapped around the waist!
Everyone needs a beach bag - why not get one in leopard print?!
The cutest preppiest swimsuit I ever did see, by J.Crew of course.
Blingy rainbow rhinestone sandals? How are these not mine?
Pretty little sundresses - this patterned shift and the ruffled pink sundress would be perfect!
I can't picture a more flattering one piece bathing suit. And it's sexy too!
Awesome flat sandals with baby blue leather and zebra calf hair - amazing.
I am obsessed with this Ella Moss flowered dress - so perfectly tropical!


A whole week in paradise with my best friend... I cannot wait! Counting down the days til next Monday!


Cotton said...

I haven't been to Hawaii in a few years so I am extremely jealous!! Enjoy every second!

Diana M. said...

I have NEVER been to HI, so you can just imagine how jealous I am!! I would tell you to have a wonderful time, but that's seems so obvious!

Alyze said...

WHAT!? Omg. This is wonderful news. And obviously I am jealous. My tan is already long gone :(