Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Emmy Entertaining

You know I love any excuse to throw a party and I think my boyfriend has caught the bug as well. The ink was barely dry on our lease before he was calling all his friends to tell him the news and announce "We're throwing an Emmy party!" Adorable. (And yes, everyone made fun of him, considering this announcement took place in July.)

We are BIG fans of TV in our house so I knew I wanted to do something extra fun. Someone suggested ordering pizza but that wasn't creative enough for me... if we were going to have pizza, we were going to make it ourselves. So we did! 

Setting up a Make-Your-Own-Pizza party was way easier than I had expected. We bought individual Boboli pizza crusts - they come two to a package and bake for less than 10 minutes at 425 degrees in the oven. Super easy!



As for toppings - we went all out. I bought tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, pineapple, turkey pepperoni, pesto, olives, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, and of course, shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese and pizza sauce. About an hour before everyone arrived, I chopped everything up and put them in little bowls - I love getting to use my pretty dishes!



I also set out a big green salad made by my friend Blair with goat cheese, yellow tomatoes, and avocado, garlic bread, and my very favorite meatballs (Trader Joes Sun-dried Tomato & Basil). My friend Cary who is an incredible baker made a banana cream pie from scratch, and GB brought brownies. Quite the feast!



My oven is tiny so we could only get four in at a time, which was kind of a bummer, but no one seemed to mind as we were all engrossed in the show! Here are all the pizzas lined up ready to be cooked:


There were 16 of us there - not including two dogs and a baby :)


The rest of us engrossed in the show:

Speaking of the show... I thought it was good but I personally was DEVASTATED that Max Greenfield didn't win the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. Without a doubt I find him to be the funniest character on television and I was utterly convinced he was going to win. MAJOR BUMMER. Max, you're a winner in my heart!

And I'd be remiss to post about the Emmys if I didn't include a list of my personal "Best Dressed" - I thought Julianne Moore, Ginnifer Goodwin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kelly Osbourne, and Leslie Mann killed it! Loved every single one of those dresses.


Until next year, Emmy's! Now I've got to start planning our OSCAR party!


Michelle said...

Looks yummy!

Jennifer Simpson said...

sad we missed it!!! looks like it was a blast. if only ari knew how much fun emmy parties are, maybe he wouldn't be such a BABY at night :)

Diana M. said...

What a great party! You have to check out Pizza Rev (just opened in Studio City on Ventura at Laurel Cyn.). It's make-your-own pizza just like this! YUMMY!

Julie said...

Such a cute idea!!!

Anonymous said...

On what planet did your boyfriend initiate this on his own? I recall that you whispered to him at Bucca to say "Invite everyone over for the Emmys." He announced it AFTER you said that to him.

...This is Jesse.

Alyson said...

So fun!! We've done something similar with a BBQ pizza party on the grill... love how you did it. And, yes, those dresses were amazing! PS: pockets on the first one. Genius!