Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Best Roomie

This week marks a month since the big move! Many of you have asked how things have been going with my new roomie so I thought I'd give a little update...

I'm happy to report that Ram and I are loving living together!

I'm actually a little surprised with what an easy transition this has been. Prior to moving in together, we spent about 3-4 nights a week together, usually at my place, and usually saw each other on the other days too, so we were used to spending a lot of time together. But you never really know all there is to know about someone until you actually live with them and share a space with them 24/7. 

I'm not going to lie, we were both a little nervous. Would he be messy? Would I be an anal retentive neat freak? Would we fight over the remote? I'm happy to report none of those things have happened - instead, I'll share a little list of things we have learned about living together...

Clorox wipes are our new best friend.
They're the perfect compromise, too. I like everything to be perfectly clean and sparkling, and Rami is fine with that, as long as it doesn't require a ton of effort on his part. Voila, clorox wipes! We wipe everything down - the dining room table after we eat, the coffee table after we watch TV and put our feet up, the kitchen counters when we cook, the bathroom to pick up little bits of dust. So easy, so helpful!

NOT sharing closets was the best idea ever.
Um, I have a LOT of stuff. Clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, jewelry - there is no way we could have happily shared closet space without me taking over completely and Rami not having enough room. We decided his stuff would go in the guest bedroom closets and though he wasn't crazy about the idea in the beginning, he actually likes having his own space too - he can listen to music and podcasts when he's getting ready in the other room and I can change my shirt 15 times before leaving for work without it driving him nuts.

We are happy to do things for each other. Even chores!
Today I came home to the sweetest thing - Rami had done a joint load of our laundry and folded all my clothes for me on the bed. It was SO helpful! He also demonstrated impressive vacuum abilities - I barely know how to work a vaccum, let alone expertly glide it over our floors. I was so impressed when he whipped out that skill. He continues to be appreciate when I cook us dinner at night - moving in with someone who knows her way around a kitchen was a definite highlight for him. He has also thanked me profusely for keeping our place clean and organized, which makes me feel great when he acknowledges my desire to make our place as comfortable and clean as it possibly can be.

We've both got our quirks. And that's okay.
Rami assumes that once my alarm goes off, I'm awake. That's not the case at all - I press the snooze button at least twice before actually getting up. He learned this the hard way, after sweetly greeting me with "GOOD MORNING SWEETIE!" at the top of his lungs, causing me to shriek angrily and have a mini heart attack. Sweet as it is, he doesn't do that anymore :) And I am working on not being a crazy person when it comes to the DVR - I used to freak out and insist we start deleting shows if we used more than 30% of space, but Ram has demanded I cut that out... so I'm learning that it's okay to have more than five shows recorded at one time :) 

The best part about living together? It sounds really cheesy, but getting to fall asleep and wake up next to each other every single day is really, really nice. He's my best friend - what could be better than his face being the first and last thing I see every day?

Yep. Totally cheesy. I'll continue the streak by posting this picture of us from a wedding we went to over the weekend. It's RIDICULOUSLY cute if I do say so myself - maybe my favorite picture we've ever taken!?


And I won't lie - if the best part of living together is being together all the time, then the OTHER best part is redecorating :) I am loving transforming this new space. I know I owe you all pictures, they are coming soon, I promise!


Cotton said...

Loved reading this! I'm glad things are going well for you two.

Anonymous said...

Your boyfriend sounds very lucky and looks VERY handsome.

cara said...

i love you two! this post made me smile :)

Alyze said...

This photo is the best thing ever on this blog. So happy for you!!!!

AJ Sokolow said...

this is super cute & i love it! <3