Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Very Happy Housewarming

A couple of weeks ago, Ram and I realized time was really flying - we had almost been in our new place for two months! So we figured it was time to do something we'd been talking about for ages... throw a housewarming party! I whipped up an invitation and sent it out to all our pals...


And 50 people RSVP'd yes! So over the weekend we had a BIG housewarming rager at the new place. We had an amazing time!

I carefully planned a menu full of major deliciousness and enlisted some of my most talented pals with baking skills to assist me. We made lemon bars, cake batter truffles, salted caramel brownies, donut & fruit skewers, and my trusty chocolate chip bread pudding - all from scratch! Recipes and pictures will be posted on the blog tomorrow :)

I also served Diddy Riese cookies and an enormous red velvet cake from Susiecakes. YUM.


The spread! (Any excuse to use my fancy serving dishes is a major plus in my book!)


Our wonderful parents came too! Here's Ram's fam...


And the Silverman ladies decked in black:


I wish I had more pictures but I was busy running around the entire place, chatting with everyone and giving house tours and refilling glasses - it was a whirlwind. I barely got to see Ram after we took this picture! (Like my polka dot apron?! I love being domestic.)


Guess who came in town for the weekend?! That's right, Gerrick - who is now known as Gerrick C :) So amazing seeing my best friend!!!!


Here's a special thing we did - all our friends being in the same place was the perfect opportunity to hang our mezuzah on our door jam! Ram's mom brought us a gorgeous one from her last trip to Israel and Ram's dad, who is a rabbi, helped us hang it and bless our home :) It was so special!


We managed to get our party animal siblings to stay still enough to take a photo with us - total framer:


More pictures of our amazing friends:










The last guests didn't leave til almost 1:00am! Such an amazing night with the best friends and family in the world. And now our house is officially warmed!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more pictures and recipes, as promised!


Cotton said...

what a great memory this will be for you two! Love the photos!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Sounds like such a fun housewarming. You really are the hostess with the mostest. That mezuzah is so sweet. :)

Have a great darling.

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

CUTEST pics! You are surrounded by so many loved ones! LUCKY! <3