Friday, October 26, 2012

NM for Target - It's On.

This past July, when it was first announced that Neiman Marcus would be partnering with Target for a special holiday collaboration featuring items by 24 CFDA designers, I got no less than 10 emails from pals asking if I had heard about it. 

I guess I must be REALLY transparent or something, because you all seem to know me very well - well enough to figure that this collaboration is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. Two of my favorite stores, both as different from the other as they could possibly be - teaming up in time for the holidays?! 


Well, the official Neiman Marcus for Target lookbook came out last week, and I finally got around to checking it out. It will come to no surprise to any of you that it is FULL of things I adore!

Those of you longtime readers will remember my insane obsession with Missoni for Target and the saga of how I ended up scoring nearly every Missoni item I wanted due to hard work, determination, and a little pushing :) (seriously, click that and read it if you never have). This doesn't beat that (I don't think anything ever will, unless one day they release a Chanel for Target, in which case I suggest you all just hide in your homes), but some of the items sure do come close!

Here's what I'm loving:


Clockwise from top left:
Awesome Phillip Crangi frame - $49.99
Gorgeous Robert Rodriguez lace dress - perfect for holiday parties! $99.99
Marc Jacobs metallic pouches (sold individually) - $69.99
Alice & Olivia striped luggage and coordinating travel pouches - this one is FOR SURE happening! $179.99
Altazurra glasses set ($49.99) and martini shaker ($49.99) - perfect for my bar cart!
Tracy Reese sequined floral blouse - so pretty! $79.99
Tracy Reese dessert plates - these are my favorite, I want to get two sets! $39.99 for set of four
Rag & Bone sweater - this is for men so I'll TECHNICALLY buy it for Ram, but steal it all the time :) $69.99

I love how it's not just pieces for women - there are things for kids, dogs, men, even for the home! I'd be happy taking home any of the favorites I posted above, but I have my eye on the striped suitcase and the pretty floral plates in particular. What about you?

The collection will be released on December 1st. You know where I'll be, bright and early :) See you there?!


Cotton said...

the shaker and glass set is fabulous!

Amy said...

I'm coming with you. We can tag team it. I want most of what you want anyway... :)