Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Golden Globes 2013: My Best Dressed!

This post should have gone up yesterday, but I was busy recovering from the offensiveness that is Anne Hathaway for the past 24 hours. Sorry. I'm feeling better now. We'll get to her in a bit, but in the meantime, shall we talk Golden Globes fashion!?

Ahhhh, the Golden Globes. Ram doesn't like the Globes because he says they're a farce perpetrated by foreign reporters who just want to meet American celebrities, but I say he's a hater and the Globes are the appetizer meant to whet our appetite before the main course - the Oscars! 


Katherine McPhee was the first celebrity I saw when I turned the TV on to watch the red carpet coverage, and I gasped out loud. She looked so hot with her messy bun, sexy black plunging Theysken's Theory dress, and dark makeup! If I had to sum her look up in one word it'd probably be "edgy" - and she did it well!


I vaguely recall liking some of Julia Louis-Dreyfus's choices lately so I went back and looked through my archives - I chose her as one of my best dressed from the Emmy's back in September! She did good again - this beige and black lace Vera Wang gown is stunning and fits her perfectly. I love how the black belt breaks up all the layers of tulle. 


You all know how much I love bright color and sparkly things so it should come as no surprise that I was into Jessica Alba's look. Apparently, the necklace she paired with her coral Oscar de la Renta gown was worth $5.8 million dollars! I'll take two, please. And one of that feathered clutch too!


I cannot tell a lie - Tina Fey is on this list JUST BECAUSE OF HER HAIR. Again, another moment when I gasped out loud. This is MOVIE STAR HAIR, people. Her L'ren Scott dress is beautiful, sure, but not my favorite... but the hair more than makes up for it. A+ Tina!!!


Jennifer Garner can do no wrong in my eyes. Seriously, she is an amazing mother, has ridiculously cute kids, was fabulous in Juno (among other things), is drop dead gorgeous, and is married to Ben fucking Affleck to boot! Plus they live in Brentwood and I'm always praying I'll run into them somewhere (when I saw them at Color Me Mine I almost died). I loved her combination of messy updo, red sequined Vivienne Westwood, and chunky gold jewelry. Gorgeous!


So those 5 were my favorite - but honorable mentions also need to go out to Kristen Bell, who is the cutest pregnant woman of all time and looks freaking adorable in this Jenny Packham sparkly dress...


...and my girlfriend/life partner Julia Roberts, who showed up at the end to present in this simple black Valentino jumpsuit with lightly tousled hair and blew everyone away. Nicely done, America's Sweetheart!
(This photo is from JustJared, the rest of the photos are from InStyle.com)

So the red carpet was great, but the show was even better. Tina and Amy KILLED IT - nothing else needs to be said. I nominate them to host every single thing from now on. The only thing I could have done without? 

Yep, you guessed it, our friend Anne Hathaway, who behaved like an absolute moron from the moment she showed up on the red carpet with barely 20 minutes to spare before the show started, to her gushing, ridiculous speech upon winning, to her COMMANDEERING THE STAGE AND MICROPHONE DURING THE LES MISERABLES GROUP WIN TO THANK A FEW MORE PEOPLE. You guys, my jaw dropped. R had to move things away from me so I wouldn't throw them. 

In short, no more Hathaway, ever again. And much more Fey/Poehler. Can't wait for the Oscars!!!

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