Monday, February 4, 2013

A Lil Trip Down South

Bet you didn't know I went away last week, did you? Guess where I went - to the SOUTH!

Yes friends, during my last week of freedom I packed up a bag and hopped on over to New Orleans and Dallas to see my pals and practice saying "y'all" for a couple days. The timing worked out great - I found out about my new job the day before I left, so I could just relax and enjoy this little vacation before getting back to business!


In New Orleans, Gerrick and I stayed with our friend Bragman. We posed with her tiny dog, Lila - seriously that dog weighs 3 pounds. Our first night we headed to Drago for their famous Chargrilled Oysters - oysters grilled with butter and garlic sauce. OMG. The next day was the first day of Mardi Gras and of course we hit up the parades! I caught lots of beads, a stuffed football, and a teddy bear (and did not have to show off any body parts - score). I loved watching the little girls dance down the street in the parades to the music played by the marching bands. And after the day parades - Gerrick and I headed to the restaurant where Bragman works, Superior Seafood, for some MORE oysters - this time raw. New Orleans has the BEST and CHEAPEST seafood - 12 oysters for $6! We were in heaven!


We stuck around and caught the night parades too, and when we were walking home when they were over, I found a wallet on the ground! I looked through it and found the guy's business card - when I called him he told me that I "exemplify all that is good in the world." And then asked me out for a drink. Ha! Other highlights: before leaving New Orleans, we met up with Gerrick's husband Daniel and my bestie Jacob, who were in town for their friend's bachelor party. We enjoyed a lovely brunch (featuring yet another oyster poboy) while laughing about the boys' drunken adventures. And then, right before leaving, I had my first bite of king cake - and my slice contained the baby!

Our adventures continued as I accompanied Gerr and Daniel on the lovely EIGHT HOUR DRIVE from New Orleans to Dallas. Daniel slept in the back while Gerrick and I sang, gossiped, chatted on the phone to various friends, and enjoyed each other's company. We stopped in Shreveport Louisiana - how beautiful is the sunset there?! - for dinner and an amazing slice of strawberry pie from Strawns. Guess what they say about southern hospitality is true - I asked for a slice to go, and when I took out my wallet to pay, the lady saw my California drivers license - and gave me a whole pie! When we finally reached Dallas, we were greeted by the rest of the Conroy family - their dogs, Ranger and Louie, who took a particular liking to me and tried to sleep in my bed. Oy!


Other highlights - Gerr and I spent THREE HOURS at the Dallas Homegoods, which was UNREAL. Homegoods is my favorite store and the Dallas one is amazing - if it was in LA, I would spend thousands of dollars there on a regular basis, I swear. We also got to lunch with my dear friend from college, Miss ABG, and even met up with Gerrick's childhood bestie Robley and her husband Brad for dinner at a restaurant called Chef Point Cafe, which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives because of it's very strange location - it's in a GAS STATION! #onlyintexas. Click here to read about it - it's an amazing story. And the food was ridiculous!!!!

All in all, an amazing trip to the south!

And now, I'm off to bed - I've got my first day of work tomorrow! Wish me luck, y'all!!!

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alexblairgoldberg said...

I made the blog!! I feel famous... I am so happy I got to see my faves- love you lots!!