Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An Awesome Office

So yesterday was my first day at the new job!

I was super anxious and barely slept the night before - do any of you do that, too? It's like a combination of nerves + being scared I'll sleep through my alarm. Luckily I didn't and had a very nice day - my work is interesting, all my new colleagues are really nice, the location 15 minutes away can't be beat, and of course, as I mentioned, having my own office is pretty sweet as well :)

I'm a big believer in making my work space feel like my own. After all, if I'm spending 35+ hours a week somewhere, I want it to feel as me as possible! So there are always a few things I like to surround myself with - both functional AND pretty. There's no rule that says you have to use boring office supplies!

I own almost every single item listed below and love them all! Many of them have made appearances at every job I've had since graduating. Stick with what you know - and like!


I was gifted some amazing office supplies from Poppin last year - this fancy tape dispenser was one of them!

I much prefer a loose notepad over post-it notes. I have this exact one and love writing on it. Leopard? Yes please.

Here's a fun weird fact about me: I hate using ballpoint pens. I love ink pens and these Pilot ones are my favorite! Obviously I hoard the pink one for "special tasks." #crazyperson

Sometimes you have to look at a funny sign to give you perspective on things. Mine says "PANIC AND GIVE UP" but this one is good too! 

Probably my favorite thing in my desk, not kidding. My friend RK gifted me a massive party pack of rainbow colored Sharpies for my birthday last year and I LOVE THEM SO FREAKING MUCH.

It's always nice to have a living thing in your workspace and since a puppy is out of the question, why not a baby succulent in a cute jar? I kill plants like it's my job, but this one only requires a spritz of water every few weeks!

I love and collect picture frames and think they're the best thing to have on your desk. I just bought these two gorgeous frames from Lulu & Georgia and can't wait to fill them up with the smiling faces of people I love.

Where are you going to put all your fancy pens and markers? In a lucite monogrammed pencil cup, oh yes you are.

Greene Bean gave me this a few years ago and it's never left my desk - a mini emergency kit packed with lots of essentials, including hairspray, tampon, needle and thread, clear nail polish, deodorant, and more.

I'm a writer and an obsessive list maker so a notebook is a must have for me. My preference is a spiral with lined pages and this one is so cute!

I can picture my mother laughing as she reads this and secretly hoping I don't go overboard with the pink or sparkly things. "Don't make it look like a dorm room!" is a thing she is fond of saying. Don't worry, Mama, this is a grown-up job and I'll make sure my grown-up office reflects that. But rest assured, it will be very me!


Anna said...

I love this assortment of items! I feel the exact same way about having fun office supplies. I have patterned file folders in mine that I always get compliments on--why have plain manila when you can have chevron?!

Alyson said...

such cute ideas, and congrats on starting the new job! I love the poppin tape dispenser and lucite cup; have both on my desk. :)
The succulent would be great to liven up the place!

Lori C Tessel said...

Great ideas, always helps to make sure your office has your imprint. Makes more fun to walk into every day and more interesting for others. I love these and even have a few.

Sending you lots of love. And even if your office was completely empty, you would still do an awesome job because all you need is you!

bailey said...

my office supplies can only be BLACK AND WHITE! and need to be APPROVED! :)