Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Style: Best Dressed!

I LOVE Oscar Sunday. I love sitting on the comfy couch surrounded by friends, eating delicious food and snarking about movie stars and celeb fashion - er, I mean paying tribute to talented people and the art of cinema. Sorry Ram :)

In all seriousness, there was no better cure to my "leaving Tucson" depression than watching the show with Ram and some pals as we ate delicious appetizers and Chinese food. I thought the show itself was kind of a snooze and as predicted, I nearly had a conniption when they announced Hathaway as the winner (my phone, computer, and beverage were taken away from me so I wouldn’t throw them if/when she won… so instead I ripped up my Oscar ballot #dramaqueen #hathahate), but I loooooved Argo and was so happy for Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong in my eyes… so I did enjoy the show for the most part!

I personally could have used a lot more color and pattern on the red carpet this year, but overall, there weren't any major misses for me, barring Hathaway and her weird darty nip situation. So here's my best dressed picks for the night!

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When I arrived home from the airport and immediately ran to the TV to turn on the E! Red Carpet, Jennifer Hudson was the first celebrity I saw. I really liked this navy Roberto Cavalli gown - the combination of peekaboo lace and sequined leopard was gorgeous. My only hesitation was in regard to her shoes - the bright blue seemed to clash, but maybe it was better in person? Overall, a beautiful dress on a beautiful lady - with a beautiful voice to match!


My first thought when I saw Halle Berry in Versace? "That's a SERIOUS dress." And it is - look at those broad, structured shoulders, that beautiful yet dizzying sequined stripe pattern, the detail at the chest - that's a lot of dress to pull off, and yet Halle Berry does it so, so well. I love the drama of the dress paired with her awesome little mohawk, too - so rock and roll!


THIS is what I mean when I say we needed more color on the red carpet! Jane Fonda is SEVENTY FIVE YEARS OLD, for gods sake. She looks incredible in this neon yellow Versace - the color is so attention-grabbing, yet the cut is completely age-appropriate and the detail at the waist is interesting. I really loved it.


Who can do no wrong? Charlize Theron can do no wrong, that's who. Have you ever seen such a beautiful face in your entire life? Have you ever seen a woman carry off a short haircut with such femininity before? Charlize in stark, simple Dior Haute Couture white with minimal jewelry and makeup and perfectly groomed eyebrows is a major vision. There's no one else who could pull this look off besides her. And that peplum is everything!

And my pick for best dressed of the night?


Well, that honor goes to Miss Naomi Watts. In the past she has never really been on my radar - I like her, but I was never wowed or overly impressed by her. That has completely changed since last night, however - she KILLED IT in this gorgeous Armani Prive gown. I love everything about her look - the soft pulled back hair, simple makeup with dramatic eyeliner, and of course, that insane dress. THIS is the dress I'd wear out of all the dresses seen on the red carpet last night - it is dramatic and sparkly and everything I could ever want! A+, Naomi!

So there you have it! My top five best dressed for the 2013 Oscars. I know you were all anxiously waiting with bated breath :) And now it's your turn to spill! Whose gown did you love? Whose gown did you hate? Was Seth McFarland awkward for you too? Did you scream when John Travolta came out on stage? Did you wonder if Meryl was indeed picking her tush on live TV? I am dying to hear what you thought!  


Anonymous said...

Why aren't you talking about Hal Needham's honorary Oscar?

Do you think it weird that the congressional investigation against Zero Dark Thirty ended the day after Oscars? That's kind of suspicious no?

Wouldn't just having Tatum and Theron dance make a better show than anything else?

Katie said...

I thought Stacy Keibler's dress was amazing, such a breathtaking combination of hard and soft.

Anonymous said...

MacFarlane was hilarious and classy yet edgy without being obnoxiously controversial and political like all the others. Agreed Anne Hathaway is the worst (I too, threw a hissy when she won). John Travolta needs to come out already. Charlize is a goddess. The end.