Monday, March 25, 2013

Had To Have It: A Pretty Flared Dress

Get excited ya'll! It's time for another edition of Had To Have It :)

Over the weekend I headed to the mall for a couple of hours of alone time. It's been a while since I've shopped by myself - online shopping not included, of course - and I forgot how efficient I can be when I'm alone! 

I returned a dress at Nordstrom and stopped by J.Crew to check out their sale and then decided to stop by Gap before I left to see what was new over there. I was browsing through the store, admiring their cute new striped tanks and little leather pouches - when I came across a rack full of pretty colorful dresses. I pulled one out to take a look and immediately fell in love. Off to the dressing room I went!


I am seriously obsessed with the beautiful bright patterns and colors - each one was prettier than the next! They're also incredibly silky and soft, and super comfortable. They would work well for the office with a cute pair of flats and a cardigan, and can easily be dressed up with a big pair of colorful earrings and some cute wedge heels. I am already planning on wearing mine to the first Passover seder tonight, and one to a bridal shower later this month!

Okay - I know you're dying to know which one I ended up with :) Well, in typical Jordan fashion, I left with two! I couldn't decide between the rainbow polka dots and the navy ombre pattern, so I bought both! Yup, I Had To Have It Them! Luckily, they were both on sale :) 

(FYI, they look much shorter online than they really are - mine goes to my knees!)

The navy ombre is sadly sold out online, but the rainbow design is still available - and I also love the bright green dots, the yellow and navy floral, and the hot pink stripes! Go get your own now!

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