Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Style File

A couple months ago I read this fun little Style Q&A on a blog and thought the questions seemed so fun and interesting - I bookmarked it to post on here and just recently got around to filling it out. Some of these questions really made me think!

Describe your personal style in five words or less:  
Girly, colorful, patterned, accessorized, and sparkly!


Who/what inspires your personal style, influencing what you're drawn to and what you end up wearing?
I find inspiration in tons of places - blogs, magazines, catalogues, boutiques, even people on the street! I try and remember that not everything will look good on everyone, but there’s always a way to pull off a trend if you’re determined. Every morning when I get dressed I think about what I have to do that day - important meeting? Fun dinner with friends? Hanging out with a baby? - and then I choose clothes that will allow me to be comfortable and confident all day long.



Anyone who looks into my closet can instantly tell you what I like: lots of dresses, colorful silk blouses, glitter and sequins on everything, ballet flats in every color, stripes, polka dots, and a SHITLOAD of leopard print. I like being comfortable (who doesn’t) but I live in LA... I have to step it up! Most days you can find me wearing a dress with ballet flats and an open cardigan, and when I go out at night you can usually find me in skinny jeans, colorful wedge heels, a black tank top, and either a patterned blazer or blouse on top with some sick earrings or a huge necklace.




Where have you found some of your most treasured style items? 
As I always like to say, I’m a digger - that means I’ll always put in the time to unearth that unlikely treasure from a deep pile or crowded rack that most people don’t have the time or patience or energy to tackle. I am my mother’s daughter, and digging is in our blood - so no matter where we are, be it Bloomingdales or Forever21 or Loehmann’s, we’ll find that amazing discounted blouse or sparkly belt or awesome dress. My advice to everyone: dig!

What is an item you cannot live without or what are some of your wardrobe essentials?  
Tory Burch Eddie flats (preferable the ones with the rhinestoned bow!), Gap boyfriend jeans, Target tanks in every color, and my beloved black patent leather quilted Chanel!

What is your most recent purchase?  
I've been doing damage at Nordstrom lately... that necklace I keep raving about and a couple of dresses for upcoming summer weddings have topped the list! I also couldn't stop thinking about the bright pink scalloped suede ballet flats from J.Crew so I had to snap them up!

What is your go-to jewelry routine? 
I wear the same earrings (tiny diamond huggies), ring (rose gold heart Rami got me for my birthday) and bracelets (a mix of gold and silver: a few from Israel, some vintage, some stolen from friends, and a limited-edition Tiffany bracelet that I never take off) every single day. The necklace changes based on what I’m wearing - sometimes its a simple pendant, sometimes an awesome chunky statement necklace. And when I go out at night, I like wearing awesome colorful earrings, but never for day. 


If you could meet any designer who would it be and why? 
I love everything J.Crew so my first instinct is to say Jenna Lyons - but I HAVE met her! She was lovely and so patient when I was nerding out over her on Fashion's Night Out in Manhattan a few years ago.

What are some of your make-up must haves?  
Some of my go-tos: Benefit Dallas bronzer, Chanel kohl eyeliner, Smashbox liquid eyeliner, Essie nail polish (my favorites are Movers & Shakers, Chinchilly, and Splash of Grenadine), Shu Uemura eyelash curler, MAC concealer, and Almay One Coat Dial Up mascara

What's the best style advice you've ever given or received? 
"Leggings are not pants!" 

I'd love to read your answers if you fill it out - leave me a comment with the link!


Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

what a fun post!!! I would die to have that be my dressing room... crazy awesome

Brooke said...

Love those Tory Burch flats! I actually was just thinking about buying them earlier today! So cute!

=) Brooke

l.c.s. said...

i have that leopard dress that blair eadie is wearing-- love it... & love this post.