Thursday, May 23, 2013

NO SHOPPING MAY: Preventing Me From Buying Pretty Things Since 2011

Raise your hand if you didn't see this post coming. If all you longtime readers aren't raising your hands I am quite frankly shocked. You're telling me you DIDN'T think I would do at least one post during NO SHOPPING MAY about the items I am currently DYING TO BUY?!

Psh. Of course there would be a post like that. And here it is. I've been bookmarking and pinning and drooling over these items for 23 days now and you better believe I'll be buying some of them next weekend! 

So, without further ado:


ONE: So simple and yet so chic! These Kenneth Jay Lane earrings would seriously go with anything.

TWO: Isn't this necklace gorgeous? I love the contrast between the tortoiseshell and the sparkly pendant. 

THREE: I currently have this brand new Essie color on my nails and I AM OBSESSED. It's called Boom Boom Room, it's a light bright hot pink (basically my favorite color), and I'm ordering it on June 1st I love it so much!

FOUR: Obsessed with these sandals. So sparkly and under $100? NEED.

FIVE: I'm in the  market for a new bathing suit... the combination of J.Crew + pink + stripes is calling my name.

SIX: I have been eyeing these Kate Spade wedges for a looong time and now they're on sale! How could I not?!

SEVEN: Such a beautiful dress. I love the way DKNY fits me and this dress would be perfect for work or play!

EIGHT: My beloved Elizabeth & James sunglasses which I wear every single day are now available in PINK! 

NINE: Sheer, polka dotted, black and white, peplum-ish... Yes, also coming home to live with me. #whydoIevenbotherwithashoppingban 

Looking at this list I can tell you exactly what I'm wanting more of this summer... black & white, sparkly anything, and lots of pink. So basically nothing's new.

I DO have a confession that I cannot keep from everyone - I broke NO SHOPPING MAY for a hot sec while in Santa Barbara! While waiting for R to finish the ceremony rehearsal I had to kill an hour by myself... and lo and behold the only place I could find was an Old Navy. I bought a pair of work pants and a denim shirtdress that I am literally wearing as I type this. I felt guilty the entire time so I had to confess. Hope yall can forgive me - I'm back on the wagon, like it or not!!!

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Katie said...

I need those pink sunglasses.