Monday, June 24, 2013

What A Whirlwind Weekend!

Hi friends. How was your weekend? Relaxing? Calm? Did you get to sleep in? Laze about? Lounge on your couch in your pjs? Lucky you! While you were doing that, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off on what might have been the busiest weekend of my life - a rehearsal dinner, two weddings, a bridal shower, and a birthday party. WHEW!

Don't get me wrong - I am not complaining one bit. I had the best time all weekend celebrating with the people I love. But now, on Monday? I am paying for it... I am WIPED OUT!

Let's do a little photo recap, shall we?

First up were the festivities for my cousin Robin, who married her boyfriend of EIGHT YEARS, Jason, this weekend - #finally! Here's a Silverwoman selfie before the rehearsal shindig:


And me and Beans with the beautiful bride-to-be... I am wearing a gorgeous LOFT dress I got on crazy sale while I was in Houston. Go get yourself one! 


The party continued Saturday night in Marina Del Rey for the wedding itself! Here are my aunt and uncle walking her down the aisle... spoiler alert: I cried. (Also, how gorgeous is my aunt's MOB dress?! WANT.


The Three Musketeers enjoying cocktail hour :) 


(Thanks to those of you who asked where my dress is from - I actually got it last year from Forever 21 of all places! But the good news is, Victoria's Secret is currently carrying something very similar and Bailey happens to be wearing it in black (yes we both wore pleated maxi dresses. Not cool) and it's adorable!)

With our best family friends - Nina, where are your sunglasses?!


Inside the party - a University of Miami-themed tequila ice luge. Didn't hate it. 


And on the way out... there was a hot dog vendor. Rami partook of hot dog deliciousness, I sadly did not. 


The next morning, I was up bright and early to put the heels back on, this time for my dear friend Ashley's bridal shower! (Remember her from the San Francisco bachelorette a few weeks ago?) It was a lovely brunch and I am seriously counting down the days to her wedding... it's gonna be epic. I wore this awesome ASOS polka dotted peplum top and got a lot of compliments - the little dots are raised velvet so it's nice and fancy :) My new favorite top! 


Shortly thereafter, Rami picked me up early from the party so we could make an appearance at a very special birthday party... Baby Ari turned 1 and his parents threw him a party to celebrate!!


He went for that cake with gusto. Want to know what else he went for? MY ARMS, without me begging or pleading, and my ovaries proceeded to explore. I adore him. Could he BE any cuter?!

Oh don't worry - weekend's not over yet. After the birthday party we ran home to get all dolled up for wedding #2! This celebration was in honor of my dear family friend Molly, who married her beloved Ilan in a seriously beautiful and touching Orthodox ceremony. 


Are these two not the CUTEST little marrieds you ever did see?!


Me and my boo. Blurry but cute!


Towards the end of the night... getting crazy. There was Israeli dancing going on, y'all! How could I not!?


And that was our weekend. WHEW. I'm exhausted just reading it :) I made Ram promise to make me put my computer away and go to bed at 10:30 tonight so I can get some sleep. We shall see if that happens!


Anonymous said...

so I just came across your blog, have sat here for some time now reading back entries, sat here for some more time debating whether I should tell you that I spent my morning reading your blog, and have come to the decision that A) it is my duty to inform you of my blog reading action B) that you are hilarious C) that you would be pleased at this information (apparently I think I can predict your reaction based on knowledge I gained from my reading) and D) that we should be internet friends so I can continue to follow you and laugh and know that someone else exists in LA who is funny and likes all things sparkly and leopard. Thank you for seriously making my morning significantly more pleasant! I will be reading from now on - you have a place in my bookmarks :)

Lucia (from Burbank - also a valley lady)

PS - Um, where is your sister's dress from? I loved yours from Loft, but also LOVE hers from unknown store. Share please?

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

@Lucia - I wanted to respond to you in an email but your comment was Anonymous :( I hope you see this!

Thanks for the fabulous comments, they really made my day! You are so sweet and I'm glad you'll continue to read!

My sister's dress is Mara Hoffman, she got it at a sample sale in NYC. But MH is an amazing brand, you will love it if you are new to it!


Lucia said...

I saw it! And I figured out how to NOT be anonymous this time!