Monday, September 9, 2013

And Now I'm On A Wedding Website :)

Here is a fun thing. I'm featured on a wedding blog today!

My sorority sister and fellow Wildcat Alison runs the fantastic website The Wedding Yentas, where she blogs about everything Jewish-wedding related! It's an awesome resource for anyone - truly, you don't have to be Jewish to appreciate her hilarious insights on the wedding industry, gorgeous pictures of real weddings, and helpful advice for all brides.

Alison happens to know Ram from camp as well, and for months, she has been asking me to write something for her site. But I kept putting her off and saying had nothing to write about... that is, until we got engaged! I believe within 24 hours I had an email from her in my inbox sweetly demanding my first article :)

The piece I wrote is called "You're Engaged? Mazel Tov! Now Take A Deep Breath", and I wrote it because, in all honesty, I had no idea how putting that diamond on my finger was going to totally change my life... IMMEDIATELY. I knew I'd be thrilled and delighted and happy beyond belief, but I had no idea how overwhelming the whole thing was going to feel, and I can imagine many newly-engaged brides might feel the same way. I know I would have been happy to hear that what I was feeling was normal so I hope this provides some insight for other brides-to-be!

Hope ya'll like it! Go check out my piece and give Alison and her fabulous website some love! 

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