Thursday, September 26, 2013

Prinstagram + Coastergram = Instacute

My love for Instagram knows no bounds. I confess to sometimes neglecting my other social media networks (mostly Twitter... oh, poor Twitter) because scrolling through Insta, posting pics, and getting likes is just way more fun :)

I don't know about you, but once I take the time to set up and crop a picture so it's juuuustttt right, select the perfect frame to compliment my image, and come up with a clever caption to go along with it, I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor for more than just an hour or so! So I was delighted to come across a company by the name of Printstagram a few months ago. Printsagram is a website that accesses your Instagram account and creates awesome products from your own images, like prints, posters, mini flip books, greeting cards, and more.

I'm good about ordering pictures from my latest adventures every couple of months or so. Usually, I get my pictures from Shutterfly or Snapfish, but they don't format Instagram pictures correctly and my pictures end up blurry or weirdly cropped. Enter Prinstagram! No idea how I even heard about it in the first place. I decided to place an order and went with the cute little "squares"- $12 for 24 prints - and when they showed up in the mail, I was SO IMPRESSED. The square shape is seriously adorable but more importantly, the quality of the squares is just incredible - the paper is thick and sturdy, not too matte, not too glossy... just beautiful.

via Prinstagram

The second Instagram-related company is Coastergram, and it's actually new to me - I just heard of it for the first time this week and can't wait to use it! I think it'll make the perfect housewarming gift - what could be cuter than personalized coasters?

Couldn't be easier, either. You literally connect your Instagram account on their website, and click the photos you want to make into coasters - four is the minimum, and they are $5 per coaster. Not bad. I am literally wracking my brain trying to come up with an occasion or reason to buy these :)

via Coastergram

If you're on Instagram, you need to do two things stat - first, follow me (I'm @queenjord), and second, go check these companies out! #kindaobsessed #youwillbetoo 

Please note: this is not a sponsored post. I just genuinely like these two companies and think they're super cool!


Anna said...

Thanks for sharing this, what a neat idea! Those coasters could be a great personalized wedding gift of pictures from places the couple loves!

Katie said...

After reading this I immediately ordered some prints from Printstagram and they came today. LOVE them! Thanks so much for the recommendation.