Friday, October 25, 2013

I Said Yes To The Dress!!!

WHOOPS... I promised to share the story about finding my dress on Tuesday but the week got away from me. No worries, I'm here today with the story and STILL just as obsessed with it!!!

After visiting Kleinfelds and Gabriella Bridal Salon in New York, I came home and started visiting places here in LA. I went to Saks Bridal Salon and a famous boutique in the valley - and at each place, I found beautiful dresses that looked really, really nice on me. I loved a Reem Acra strapless ballgown from Gabriella, a beautiful embroidered Kenneth Pool at Saks, and a lace trumpet gown at Lili's... but they weren't the one, and deep down I knew it. So I kept looking!

Literally the day after we got engaged, my sister was so overwhelmed with excitement she started sending me a million different links to a million different websites. I clicked one of them, which was an article about wedding cakes, and after reading it through, I randomly clicked on the tab marked "Wedding Gowns" and there in front of me was a gorgeous dress. It was seriously stunning. I pinned it to my secret "I DO!" Pinterest board and went about my day.

From then on, every time I went to a bridal salon, I'd show them the picture of this dress and try on similar ones... but none of them were it. Finally, I realized I was being an idiot - why hadn't I tried on that exact dress yet? I started calling around and by some miracle, the designer was having a trunk show at Panache Bridal two weeks from my phone call. I made an appointment for this past weekend and enlisted Greene Bean and my mother to come with me.

The moment I walked into the store I saw the dress hanging on the rack in front of me and I gasped. It was even more beautiful in person. I asked to have it added to my dressing room, and spent a couple more minutes looking around the store and adding other dresses to try on, but I kept thinking about that first dress! Then I went into the dressing room with the consultant - I had planned on trying on some others and was going to lead up to it, but she said "This one is the prettiest. Try this on first!"

She put it on over my head and as soon as I saw it on me in the mirror, I gasped and turned bright red. It was STUNNING. I wiggled around impatiently while she zipped and buttoned me up and then after a billion minutes, she opened the door so I could go out and show my mom. I took two steps out of the dressing room and my mom started CRYING!!!!! She knew it just like I knew it. It was the one!!!!!

But I couldn't say yes without showing my sister, so I posed for a billion photos from all angles and my mom texted them to Bailey, off in NYC. A few minutes passed - with me prancing around staring at myself in the mirror - and then Bailey called back. "It's amazing and you look beautiful," she said. "Are you saying yes?" asked the consultant. "YES!!!!" I said. DONE AND DONE. They brought out a bottle of champagne and everyone clapped and toasted. It was seriously like out of a movie!

If I could have imagined my dream dress, it would have included an illusion neckline, some lace, an unusual shape, a sparkly belt, and a LOT of shimmer and sparkle... and by some miracle of God my dress has ALL OF IT.  And the best part is... since it was at a trunk show, we got it for 10% off PLUS you know the consultant was a sassy gay who fell in love with me, so he GAVE me the matching VEIL as a gift!!! Every time I think about it I start smiling.

I wish I had some fun pictures to put in this post but you know I can't ruin the surprise. Suffice it to say, ONE YEAR FROM TODAY I'll be wearing the most beautiful dress in the world and marrying the cutest guy I know. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy weekend, friends!!!! XOXOXO

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Anna said...

Congrats!! It's so great when you finally find it, and I'm glad you were able to make your dream dress a reality!