Monday, October 28, 2013

What To Do In Chicago?

In a shocking burst of productivity and teamwork, my sister and I managed to book a weekend getaway   for just the two of us!  Nothing like booking a trip at the last minute/a week before you leave to make you feel NOT AT ALL like a functioning adult. 

Anyway - we're very excited that we are going to CHICAGO this weekend!!! Bailey keeps calling it a "sister-moon" and threatening to cuddle me all night.

 I have only been to Chicago once and it was for Gerr's bachelorette party weekend. I loved the city and vowed to go back when I was not busy writhing around the floor from a strip-dancing class :) Bailey has been several times before but has stayed in the suburbs, so we are basically brand-new tourists to the city.

So. Friends. I need your recommendations! Restaurants, fabulous shopping areas, must-see anything... The only thing we have planned right now is a comedy show at Second City Theater on Friday night. Please leave a comment and let me know what else we should do! I welcome and appreciate your suggestions but know that no matter what you suggest, there is a 45% chance that we'll end up laying in our hotel beds eating room-service french fries. That's just how we roll. 


Anonymous said...

Art & Architecture Tour! Walk through the zoo. And eat Chicago Q (bbq), Lou Malnati's (deep dish pizza), Garrett's popcorn.

Have so much fun!

Ali said...

Have to get deep dish pizza, duh. There are many Lou Malnati's locations which is SO good. My other favorite places we tried on our trip were Sunda and Girl and the Goat. G&G is impossible to get a res for though I've heard you can try to walk in early and get a table. Across the street is Little Goat which I was in a week long food coma from-- best brunch ever. Have fun! xo

The Blitz said...

If it's not too cold, definitely take a boat tour. My dad and I did it last summer with Wendella and it was really cool and interesting! Went out on Lake Michigan and everything. We only went to kosher places so no food recs, sorry. Unless you want the kosher places, let me know lol.
Have fun!

Amy said...

You will not be disappointed at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba.

bailey said...

i can't wait, sistaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!