Thursday, October 10, 2013

Winter Wear

I always like to say that autumn and winter are my favorite seasons because I love cold weather... though in LA, "cold weather season" hovers around an average of 60 degrees while still being sunny. 60 degrees is just fine with me - as long as I still get to wear my leggings with boots instead of flats and swap out my tank tops for cozy sweaters and scarves!

Yesterday it was rainy and cold in LA and I, for one, was delighted. I got to pull out my boots and one of my favorite old Gap sweaters and eat soup for lunch. Delightful.

Of course, the change in temperature caused me to think about all the fun little things I'd like to be adding to my closet in preparation for those long, hard, bitterly cold Hollywood nights...


ONE: I love the color turquoise, things that are soft, and tassels, so I am basically freaking out over these ridiculously amazing loafers. They would look amazing with a basic white blouse, leather jacket, and skinny jeans. Love them!

TWO: This Anthropologie dress is RIGHT up my alley - I basically wear dresses all summer, layering them with cardigans, tights, and flat boots. This one looks so comfortable and the neckline would be perfect with a huge sparkly statement necklace!

THREE: Gap makes a version of this drapey cardigan/sweater every single year and every single year, I buy it! It's always in a cute pattern or print and it's always ridiculously soft and comfortable. The heather grey striped version is calling my name...

FOUR: I really have no need for a heavy duty coat lined with extra thick layers, so this Zara one seems perfect. I love the big lapels and wrap-around style that funks up a basic black coat.

FIVE: BE CUTER, little bow gloves! In addition to being ridiculous adorable and the perfect pop of red to brighten up a cold day, these are tech gloves - meaning you don't have to take them off to work your iPhone. Brilliant.

SIX: Speaking of drapey cardigans - when we were in Vegas last week, my mom and I both spotted this Trouve one on a mannequin in Nordstrom and ran over to it at the exact same time. We ended up both getting it! It's a real statement piece, with the fuzzy white fabric and the faux leather lapels. Can't wait to wear it.

SEVEN: Last year, I fell in love with a pair of J.Crew leopard wedge booties and couldn't wait til they arrived... but alas, when they did, they just didn't work. At all. I was heartbroken. These Marais USA boots could be the thing that heals my poor heart, no? There's nothing I don't like about them.

EIGHT: Seems like I'm really into booties, huh? They're just so comfortable and effortless. I LOVE the subtle quilting on these Dolce Vita wedges and the tie-up front.... I think I'm partial to the olive color so you can see all the fun details!

NINE: One of my favorite cold-weather ensembles is basic black - leggings, boots, sweater, coat - with a major pop of color from an awesome scarf. This one is gorgeous, isn't it!?

Here's to hoping colder weather is here to stay in LA! Although this is the temperature forecast for the next few days in the valley. BOO.


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Brynn said...

Hi Jordy! Love that cardigan.