Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back To Work!

Hi friends! I'm back with some fun news - I got a new job!!!

I am proud to announce that next week I start my new job as Manager of Communications at a well-known Los Angeles university. As soon as I read the job listing, I got a special feeling that this was going to be the right position for me - and it was!

I'm thrilled about this new opportunity, and especially proud that the position is actually a step up on the ladder - I'm a manager now! Other perks: my commute is now MUCH shorter, a good friend of mine works at the same place so I'll get to see her, I get my own big office (you know, like a real adult!), and of course, the job itself sounds pretty cool :)

After three months of "funemployment," I am definitely ready to get back to work! In the end, being laid off was not the worse thing in the world - I had money saved up so I could still do fun things with friends, I got to go on some amazing trips to New York and Las Vegas and Puerto Rico and Israel, and I even caught up on my Tivo backlog - but during the past few weeks I've been getting antsy. I'm excited to rejoin the world as a working woman!

Back in October when I first told you all about getting laid off, I was definitely anxious and nervous about my future, but so many of you reached out and left me a comment or sent me an email and told me about how your lives changed for the better once you found yourselves in a similar situation. Your support really helped me and made me feel less alone, and I am very grateful for that. And since yesterday when I made my good news public, I'm already overwhelmed by all the good wishes being sent my way - so thanks for that too!!!

2013 is looking up! New job, let's do this!

Friday, January 18, 2013

What's In My Bag: Vegas Edition!

Well here's something fun. I'm off to Vegas today!

Shockingly, this time I'm not going with my mother (although in a not-at-all-surprising turn of events, she will be there with her friends too). Nope, instead I'm going with a big group of people - I think nearly thirty of us in all! Rami's friend Amir is turning 30 and to celebrate, he invited a whole bunch of people out to help him ring in the big 3-0. I haven't been to Vegas with that many people since AEPi spring formal in 2005 (a trip that shall live in infamy) - so I'm really excited!

We booked these tickets way back in August and I've been looking forward to it ever since. We're staying at the MGM, where I've never stayed, and doing a couple big group dinners which I'm sure will be filled with lots of shenanigans. Plus, our friends are bringing their baby who I adore more than anything so I can't wait to play with her for three days straight in between my marathons at the slot machines and occasional dips into Chanel to drool over the new bags. Viva Las Vegas indeed.

Anyway - as always, I put together a little peek into what I'm bringing along with me!


I haven't stopped using this leopard print calf-hair clutch since I got it for Hanukkah. I'm obsessed.

If Vegas isn't the place to wear your sequined blazer, then I don't know what it. This one is from Target - only $40!

The world's most comfortable wedges, by Pour La Victoire! I own them in black and nude and wear them all the time.

Pretty pink lips, courtesy of Chanel

I've been looking for a new denim shirt for months now - I just found this chambray shirt with a subtle geometric print in Gap and I can't wait to wear it with colored jeans!

I got a manicure yesterday with Essie's "To Buy or Not to Buy" on my nails. It's an opalescent pinkish purple - so pretty.

Is there anything better than a new bag? Another Hanukkah gift - this Joie two-toned tote is big but light - perfect for schlepping around all my nonsense every day!

My mom and I were browsing in Zara when we spied these studded booties - we both shrieked, immediately tried them on, and fell in love. They're "mullet" booties - business in the front, party in the back!

I'm thinking of wearing all black out one night - I'll add colored accessories like this great mint and gold bangle to snazz up my look.

I picked this up at H&M yesterday - it's a combination of a cardigan and a blazer. I love it because it's super soft and even though it looks sweet, it's got all those little studs near the color and shoulders to toughen it up.

Big turquoise studs surrounded with rhinestones - what's not to love? And they're only $30!

A lot of stuff for three days but that's how I roll :) Hope you all have a great LONG MLK weekend!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Golden Globes 2013: My Best Dressed!

This post should have gone up yesterday, but I was busy recovering from the offensiveness that is Anne Hathaway for the past 24 hours. Sorry. I'm feeling better now. We'll get to her in a bit, but in the meantime, shall we talk Golden Globes fashion!?

Ahhhh, the Golden Globes. Ram doesn't like the Globes because he says they're a farce perpetrated by foreign reporters who just want to meet American celebrities, but I say he's a hater and the Globes are the appetizer meant to whet our appetite before the main course - the Oscars! 


Katherine McPhee was the first celebrity I saw when I turned the TV on to watch the red carpet coverage, and I gasped out loud. She looked so hot with her messy bun, sexy black plunging Theysken's Theory dress, and dark makeup! If I had to sum her look up in one word it'd probably be "edgy" - and she did it well!


I vaguely recall liking some of Julia Louis-Dreyfus's choices lately so I went back and looked through my archives - I chose her as one of my best dressed from the Emmy's back in September! She did good again - this beige and black lace Vera Wang gown is stunning and fits her perfectly. I love how the black belt breaks up all the layers of tulle. 


You all know how much I love bright color and sparkly things so it should come as no surprise that I was into Jessica Alba's look. Apparently, the necklace she paired with her coral Oscar de la Renta gown was worth $5.8 million dollars! I'll take two, please. And one of that feathered clutch too!


I cannot tell a lie - Tina Fey is on this list JUST BECAUSE OF HER HAIR. Again, another moment when I gasped out loud. This is MOVIE STAR HAIR, people. Her L'ren Scott dress is beautiful, sure, but not my favorite... but the hair more than makes up for it. A+ Tina!!!


Jennifer Garner can do no wrong in my eyes. Seriously, she is an amazing mother, has ridiculously cute kids, was fabulous in Juno (among other things), is drop dead gorgeous, and is married to Ben fucking Affleck to boot! Plus they live in Brentwood and I'm always praying I'll run into them somewhere (when I saw them at Color Me Mine I almost died). I loved her combination of messy updo, red sequined Vivienne Westwood, and chunky gold jewelry. Gorgeous!


So those 5 were my favorite - but honorable mentions also need to go out to Kristen Bell, who is the cutest pregnant woman of all time and looks freaking adorable in this Jenny Packham sparkly dress...


...and my girlfriend/life partner Julia Roberts, who showed up at the end to present in this simple black Valentino jumpsuit with lightly tousled hair and blew everyone away. Nicely done, America's Sweetheart!
(This photo is from JustJared, the rest of the photos are from

So the red carpet was great, but the show was even better. Tina and Amy KILLED IT - nothing else needs to be said. I nominate them to host every single thing from now on. The only thing I could have done without? 

Yep, you guessed it, our friend Anne Hathaway, who behaved like an absolute moron from the moment she showed up on the red carpet with barely 20 minutes to spare before the show started, to her gushing, ridiculous speech upon winning, to her COMMANDEERING THE STAGE AND MICROPHONE DURING THE LES MISERABLES GROUP WIN TO THANK A FEW MORE PEOPLE. You guys, my jaw dropped. R had to move things away from me so I wouldn't throw them. 

In short, no more Hathaway, ever again. And much more Fey/Poehler. Can't wait for the Oscars!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!

 What's that? You didn't know Oscar nominations came out yesterday? Your boyfriend didn't jump out of bed at the crack of dawn like his pants were on fire and go straight for Twitter to complain about snubs and rejoice about smart choices with his movie people? You lucky dog.

All his movie talk yesterday got me thinking about the list I made last year - remember, when I sat down and counted out every single movie I saw in theaters last year and came up with a mind-blowing THIRTY FIVE films? Well, that was 2011, and I wanted to see how 2012 stacked up. So I sat down and started counting.

This year's total? Thirty three! That is a shitload of movies. (Rami is grumbling that my number should have gone UP, not down, but let's ignore him.) And once again I decided to be like the film geeks and compile my "Top Ten" list of the year. 

So, without further ado - MY favorite films of 2012. And once again, please remember that I am not a professional film critic - I just date one :)


10. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
It takes a very special documentary to hold my attention and I was riveted throughout the entire showing of Jiro. As a sushi lover, watching Jiro meticulously form each tiny piece of sushi was pure artistry, and I loved the backstory about Jiro's son's struggle to follow in his father's footsteps. Plus, my friend Grace's boyfriend Stefan produced it, and I was so proud of her/him throughout the whole thing!

9. The Dark Knight Rises
I am a total baby and am scared of everything but I got a kick out of Tom Hardy's Bane like nothing else - what a great villain! I saw this film in IMAX and thought Christopher Nolan did a great job of creating lush, sweeping backgrounds that filled the screen beautifully. Also, I loved the twist at the end involving Joseph Gordon-Levitt!


8. For A Good Time Call
If you blinked you probably missed this little independent film in theaters - but you should definitely Netflix it if you can! It stars Lauren Ann Miller (wife of Seth Rogen) and Ari Graynor (who I am pretty sure would be my best friend if we knew each other in real life) as roommates who start a phone sex business and the trials and tribulations they go through on the way. It was hilarious - AND, we saw it on my birthday, and when I tweeted about it, Ari Graynor tweeted birthday wishes back to me! I was dying of excitement. #girlcrush

7. The Avengers
Rami is a HUGE, DIE HARD comic fan. I think I picked up on his excitement about this movie because he was looking forward to it and talking about it nonstop for months! I liked the idea of the good guys fighting on a team against the bad guys. I always say "HULK SMASH!" to Rami now because the Hulk was my favorite :)


6. The Perks of Being A Wildflower
We randomly went and saw this late on a Friday night and I was blown away. Having never read the book, I didn't know what to expect nor did I have any idea of the plot, and thus had no idea it was going to affect me so much! This is probably one of the best "teen" movies I have ever seen - it was so authentic, I cried through most of it. The actors' performances are phenomenal.

5. Skyfall
I get my love of James Bond movies from my dad and this was probably my favorite one of the half dozen I've seen. I thought Javier Bardem was terrific and creepy as the villain and for once in my life, I loved all the explosions. Plus, Adele sang the shit out of that song!

4. Argo
I literally don't know anyone who didn't like Argo. I KNOW it is based on a true story but I am not exaggerating when I say that I was literally biting my nails and sitting on the edge of my seat for the last 20 minutes of the film. At one point I turned to Rami and said "I think I am going to throw up." I thought the story was so interesting and Ben Affleck really directed and shot it beautifully. I don't love watching movies at home but I definitely want to see Argo again.


3. The Hunger Games
KATNISS EVERDEEN FOREVER. I cannot even explain how excited I was for this film and it did NOT disappoint! I saw it twice in theaters (including once on opening night!) and then Rami bought it for me for my birthday - it was in our apartment for 30 minutes before I ripped open the package and demanded to watch it again. I thought this film was a fantastic interpretation of a very complex and intricate book and Jennifer Lawrence KILLED it as Katniss. 

2. Zero Dark Thirty
I love books and films that touch on real-life events and moments in history so I knew I was going to like ZDT, but I didn't expect to like it this much! I thought the filmmakers treated the material with a great deal of respect and really laid out the information in a clear and concise way for the viewers to see and process the film. I did NOT think the film makes the claim that the use of torture got the CIA information that led to them finding Osama Bin Laden - in fact, I think the OPPOSITE and I don't understand how anyone who sees the film could accuse it as such. Jessica Chastain was phenomenal and gives a very powerful, cold performance. Another film I want to see again.


1. Django Unchained
Funny enough, Django was the last movie of the year I saw - but it went straight to the top of my list. I think Quentin Tarantino is a genius - I don't always understand what he's doing or inferring, but I recognize genius when I see it. It's a tough subject but it's examined through a really unique lens, and all the parts of this movie fit together to create an amazing experience - the plot, the dialogue, the soundtrack, the actors, the editing... I was riveted the whole time and could have easily sat through another hour of the film. 

And there you have it! As for the Oscars themselves? I'm rooting for Christoph Waltz, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jessica Chastain and Jacki Weaver. And if (I really should say WHEN, ughhhh) Anne Hathaway wins the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, I am turning off my goddamn television. Yup.

Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Puerto Freako, Round Two!

I can't believe that I've been home from the Dysfunctional Family Vacation - DFV - for a week and a half and still haven't blogged about it! That's what having the stomach flu will do for you. Stupid stomach flu.

Anyway, for the second year in a row, the DFV took place in Puerto Rico and a grand old time was had by all. Since we had already been to this hotel, we knew the deal - days were spent laying on the beach reading books and magazines, periodically we would dip into the ocean to cool off, everybody went to the spa for a massage at some point, and every night we reconvened for a big family dinner topped off by some gambling in the hotel casinos. Not a bad deal - here's where I could be found pretty much every day, beverage in hand:


And this is what occupied my attention - World War Z! Ram lent me this book and I freaking LOVED it. I am NOT a fan of zombies or sci-fi usually but this book was like pretend historical fiction. Awesome. I can't wait to reread it.


One day it rained for a few minutes - hilariously, my mother and aunt refused to leave their comfortable chaise lounges and instead just covered themselves with towels and read their magazines from underneath. I took a photo from where I was cowering under the beach umbrella to shame them - I laugh everytime I look at it. My mother is literally COMPLETELY COVERED.


Here's a fab surprise: the first day we arrived I took the picture above and Instagrammed it. Within minutes I had a comment that I never could have expected: "Are you in Puerto Rico?! I'm here too!!! It was my friend Alyssa, from Texas, who I hadn't seen in almost two years! Turns out she was at the hotel right next door - we were literally sitting on the beach thirty feet away from each other. We met up a few times throughout the week, once for lunch, and once in my hotel's casino. She's so cute! I look weird, yet am enjoying my new leopard Claire Vivier purse :)


I love my cousins - I'm the oldest of 7 on my mom's side and we all have so much fun together. Here's our side of the table one night at dinner:


That night we went to Il Molino for Italian and I had the best chicken of my life. YUM.


And here I am with the Littles! My two youngest cousins are six weeks apart in age and 3,000 miles apart in distance - needless to say they never leave each other's sides the entire week when they are reunited. I was lucky enough to even get in the middle of them for this photo:


Another delicious meal a different night - spicy tuna on rice cakes, tiny burgers, and an amazing octopus dish. Mmmm, my stomach is growling.


Four days into the trip Bailey and JM FINALLY arrived! I was excited for several reasons - 1, their presence meant that we could finally open Hanukkah presents, and 2, I now had my partner in crime back. 


Silverman women, reunited:


Probably the craziest dish ordered: tiny pork belly sliders in a salted caramel sauce. Soooo good, sooooo decadent, soooo not ordering that again. #toomuchofagoodthing


The white pants crew! My cousin Sam, my darling grandmother, and yours truly:


On the last night we went to an authentic Puerto Rican paella restaurant and took this blurry yet awesome group shot. Here we are in all our glory! 


Puerto Rico, you sure are pretty...


... But I think we're all ready to conquer a new place. Wonder where the 2013 DFV will be!?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The FOURTH Annual Post-Holiday White Elephant Party!

I can hardly believe a whole year has passed AGAIN - but this morning I hosted the FOURTH Annual Post-Holiday White Elephant Party!

Four years in a row! That's crazy!!!


It is hilarious to me when I look back and remember the first time my friend Alexandra and I hosted this party. I don't think I had ever hosted people on my own before - I had no idea what I was doing, had to borrow nearly every serving piece from my mom, and came up with the STRANGEST menu - empanadas, hummus, and chocolate chip bread pudding?! 

(Now throwing a party is second nature for me - but click here, here, or here to read recaps from the last three parties!)

This year, the same rules applied - we told our guests to bring the WORST gift they got over the holidays to get rid of/swap out - but we decided to make it a brunch. We served a ton of delicious things - chocolate chip/banana muffins (courtesy of ABY), low-cal lemon bars (courtesy of GB), homemade cranberry/orange zest scones, berry fruit skewers, a ridiculous goat cheese & green onion quiche with a hash brown crust and french toast bread pudding. Check out the spread!

(Considering doing a play-by-play post with pictures of the process of making the quiche. Anyone interested?)

Once again I found myself cracking up at the array of bizarre gifts people brought to trade. Wine tags, sparkly gemstone paperweights, a heated coffee mug, some truly heinous earrings, an old heavy locket, colored pencil sets, microwaveable stuffed animals, even a tiny black angel figurine...


I would have loved to have ended up with these cute sunglasses with the little mustache attached!


I wound up with this lovely little wall clock, courtesy of my friend Heather :) I'm considering DIYing it with some black & white stripes and gold foil numbers - could be cute, right? 


When it was Ashley's turn she ended up choosing a gift that contained a "grow your own mushroom" kit, which she LOVED. She's making a sad face here because she knew someone would steal it from her - and she was right :( but our friend Felicia stole it from the second person and ended up giving it back to Ashley. Such good friends :)


Alexandra and I have been friends for more than half our life. We take this picture every year at the party with our pals from high school!


Last week Alexandra got a puppy! She brought baby Joey to assist in the cleanup. He was very well behaved and absolutely adorable even if he wouldn't hold still for a picture:


We had such a fun morning. I can't believe four years passed since we started this fun tradition, and I can't wait for the FIFTH Annual Post-Holiday White Elephant Party! It'll have to be a BIG anniversary bash!

Friday, January 4, 2013

It's A New Year and I'm Feeling... Bad.

Oh my god, you guys. I have the stomach flu, and it is TERRIBLE.

I have been on the couch with a fever and stomach cramps and a lot of other unpleasantness since Tuesday night and let me tell you it is not pretty. I am also slowly going out of my mind with boredom - as compared to my dear friend GB and my boyfriend, who would probably both LOVE to do nothing but watch TV for three straight days - if I watch one more minute of HGTV I think I'm going to scream.

I am also mad because I have so many things to fill you in on - New Years Eve, the DVF, Hanukkah, upcoming plans and trips - and I don't even have the energy to go make myself some tea :( I had also vowed to myself to pay more attention to the blog in 2013, so it's irritating that days have passed without any update whatsoever. I apologize. I know you're all frothing at the mouth in anticipation of pictures of all the nonsense from Puerto Rico.

Buttttt my health is more important than blogging. Right?!? So with that, I am going back to bed. I will post again when I'm feeling better. Hope your 2013 is going much better than mine so far!