Wednesday, February 19, 2014


It's been ten days since we returned from the epicness that was Britney Spears live in Las Vegas. TEN DAYS! How have you all existed without hearing about our queen Britney Jean!?

Let me just get this out of the way up front - the show was awesome and yes, she lipsynced through the entire thing. Didn't open her mouth and sing a single note once. BUTTT her body was BANGIN and she was super smiley and her dancing was on point and she was having fun and NOT going cray and smacking paparazzi with umbrellas while she shaved her head so I was a happy camper. More on this later.

We got to Vegas on Friday night and checked into our hotel - we stayed at MGM this time cuz my gambling has reached the point where I have my own casino host who hooked me up with a super cheap room. I did it! Yayyy. We met our pals for dinner at Shibuya (delish sushi, suuuuuper pricey) and then gambled and drank and hung out all night. 

The next morning, Ram and I headed over to Caesars for some more gambling, followed by a delicious lunch at Spago - smoked salmon pizza for the win, since I wasn't exactly winning at the slot machines.

By Saturday afternoon all of our friends had arrived so we all met up in Aria for some drinks and cake and - you guessed it - gambling. I'm smiling in this picture but I'm mad because I just blew $40 bucks in about twelve seconds on the Sex & The City slot machine. Boo!

I was SO EXCITED for the show on Saturday night I literally was bouncing around. We had a big group dinner at Jaleo in Cosmopolitan and I swear I could not even sit in my seat I was so excited! Here we are before the show and at dinner :)

After we ate, the boys walked us across the street to Planet Hollywood for the show and bid us farewell. We walked into the theater and two things happened immediately... #1 - we spied the ACTUAL RED LATEX ENSEMBLE WORN BY MS. SPEARS IN THE "OOPS I DID IT AGAIN" VIDEO. I let out a shriek of joy and insisted we take a group photo.

#2 important thing that happened: I walked by the "Britney Swag Table" and out of the corner of my eye, spied this here hat. FOUR SECONDS AND WAY TOO MANY DOLLAR$ LATER (seriously don't ask) that puppy was on my head, where it remained for the rest of the evening after we all took turns posing in it. Yes, I'm an adult woman who is engaged to be married.

ON TO THE SHOW!!!! I know I joked about Britney above but honestly, the show was great. I kept looking around at everyone in the audience and thinking about how her fan demographic had changed over the years - I've been to every single one of her tours (with the exception of the Onyx Hotel Tour - the one where she hurt her knee and met K.Fed and it all went downhill and no I don't think that's a coincidence I'M SORRY I WASN'T THERE FOR YOU BRITNEY) and it was nice to see that the whole theater was filled with women (and gays) my age... people who grew up listening to Britney and are still rooting for her, all these years later!

The theater was much smaller and more intimate than I was expecting - we had good seats and were about 100 feet from the stage, which was awesome. We also were sitting in the last row of our section, which proved very helpful as we had a FULL ON DANCE PARTY throughout the concert and at one point, left our chairs entirely and literally danced in the aisle. I have video if you are so inclined :)

OKAY ONE MORE THING I SHOULD MENTION: Britney was BRUNETTE. I don't know about you but this was the one thing that disappointed me. Britney is a blond and I wanted to see her tossing her yellow waves all over the place :(

I have a MILLION more pictures and videos but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who is reading who is planning on seeing the show! If you are on the fence... just do it. She's a legend. Come on, you know it's gonna be a good time. 

I already have my tickets to see her again - not kidding, we're going again in May! It's Britney bitch, how could I not?!?!


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